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  • Seanicemanreturns Seanicemanreturns Dec 20, 2012 17:25 Flag

    Raheem Sterling agrees new 5 yr contract

    one season wonder and yet ANOTHER example of how lfc WASTE TRUE FANS' money.

    hang your heads in shame and see how this club is still RAPING its fans £30K a week from £2K..................FOFF

    Jamie carragher would take a pay cut to £2K a week, to play for his club, thats a TRUE SCOUSER

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    • What's your point Sean, seems like majority of Everton home grown players who are good enough move on first chance they get as you can't or won't pay them wages in line with their ability. Or, are you telling me Hibbert and your other scouse players are on development wages?

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      • ...whats your point steerage...??

        are you saying lfc dont sell players??
        aka Mascherano, Alonso etc??

        are you on about Rooney?, Rodwell?, Arteta?, who?
        dont throw out a loose statement and dont back it up!

        you tell me how sterling is worth 40K a week, he's scored what...1 goal isnt it?..............hahahahahah

        again, inline with the LFC policy of raping the walletts of poor deluded fans that think lfc is anything more than a mid-table club

        TRUE SCOUSERS know the score because they GO THE MATCH steerage.............ever been lad...??

      • Exactly, absolute nonsense. Hibbert is probably on £30k a week whilst Baines is going to be on £60k, he will get £100k plus when he leaves for Chelsea or United in the summer, don't get me wrong, he is worth it all day! I have to say, I was impressed when I saw that he and Gerrard are the top players for key passes this season and as well as for crosses put in the box. To create that much from left back is awesome and for Gerrard to put that many crosses in from the centre of the park is quality too, funny how many neutrals have written him off as being passed it!

        £30k a week is not cheap but others would have paid more, no question. If you consider that Downing is on £60k or Cole £100k then it is quite obviously good value.