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    What a difference..........

    What a difference an early goal makes. Had this ( deservedly ) happened last week against Villa , we'd be chasing a nice long winning streak. Sometimes you get rewarded for your efforts....and sometimes not.

    Downing looked good. More of this please. Beauty of a goal turned in by Steven. ( The blue Sean will give no credit on that but he hates anything Red , especially our Steve).

    Onward and upward. Happy Holidays to all.

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    • I think it should be noted that it was not only a great performance, a great result, but really with little influence from Suarez either. Yes he got the final goal, but this was a team performance that showed the rest of the lads are not half bad either.

      It would also be unfair not to give Downing a good helping of credit. Took his goal very well, and lets be fair he's done that a few times but found woodwork or a great save, so glad he got his just desserts this time. Also it was both great vision and a sublime pass to set up Stevie's goal. But I also think he worked his socks off up and down the pitch, as he has to be fair the last few times he's got the start.

      He might not be the best player on the wing we have in the squad now, nor the quality we really need going forward. But if he keeps up that fighting attitude to get himself back into the starting 11, and shows the quality he showed on Saturday I think at least in the short term he's got a strong case to make that we should keep him in the squad.

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      • dsteer...Dave shame this seaniceman cant find anything better to do Xmas Eve than spew his bile on this board ?Where characters the like of him and Gari are concerned Id like to make a suggestion... most of us make New Years resolutions may I respectfully suggest we all resolve to ignore their posts 100% in 2013 .
        To move on agree with all u say about our solid performance v Fulham. This is a VERY tough League Villa come to our place sit back soak it up and hit us on the counter attack after we camped in their half most of the game .They then go to Chelski and field to a man the same side and get thrashed 8.0?
        Anybody can beat anybody on their day in the Prem. We need to be fully aware of the fact for the remainder of this season....confidence alone wont get it done its important yes but we have to play as a TEAM and EVERYBODY needs to give 100% EVERY game for the remainder of our games if weare to get anything out of this season. Grab 3pts at Stoke tomorrow and we are on our way up the League into top half lose and we plummet down a few rungs thats our current situation we need to be putting a run together NOW.
        OK just want to wish u and Jason over there in the good ole USA all the very best for The Holiday Season and same to all the rest of the regular posters on this board....with of course the exception of the aforementioned pair. Cheers ! YNWA

      • fickle as fwck..........................hahahahaaha

        i can just imagine you spouting your shyte around the xmas turkey as you missus(or man friend) trys to have an opinion, and yet gets told to sit down and listen to the shyte that you spout

        COMEDY AT ITS BEST.........steerage style


    • Quite right. Good performance and a great result. Merry Xmas to all.

    • Ooonts...agree with u mate we stitched this game up early on and kept on pressing. Lets see more of the same. Hope this is the start of a goal grabbing streak from Stevie for seconfd half of season !
      Who cares what Blue anybodysays ? Great win now lets see more of the same into the New Year.

    • ......and a late Christmas present for Luis Suarez. Ho Ho Ho !