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  • colin colin Dec 25, 2012 18:28 Flag

    What a difference..........

    dsteer...Dave shame this seaniceman cant find anything better to do Xmas Eve than spew his bile on this board ?Where characters the like of him and Gari are concerned Id like to make a suggestion... most of us make New Years resolutions may I respectfully suggest we all resolve to ignore their posts 100% in 2013 .
    To move on agree with all u say about our solid performance v Fulham. This is a VERY tough League Villa come to our place sit back soak it up and hit us on the counter attack after we camped in their half most of the game .They then go to Chelski and field to a man the same side and get thrashed 8.0?
    Anybody can beat anybody on their day in the Prem. We need to be fully aware of the fact for the remainder of this season....confidence alone wont get it done its important yes but we have to play as a TEAM and EVERYBODY needs to give 100% EVERY game for the remainder of our games if weare to get anything out of this season. Grab 3pts at Stoke tomorrow and we are on our way up the League into top half lose and we plummet down a few rungs thats our current situation we need to be putting a run together NOW.
    OK just want to wish u and Jason over there in the good ole USA all the very best for The Holiday Season and same to all the rest of the regular posters on this board....with of course the exception of the aforementioned pair. Cheers ! YNWA

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    • Hey Colin,

      Happened to just read your post/reply to Dave, and thank you for the well wishes in mentioning me over here on the other side of the swimming pool.. Hope you and yours are having, and have a great Xmas and Holiday season..

      I'm happy in general that the board really seems to be far more positive, though with some reservations, than completely half empty and negative all the time. I think alot of people were not willing or accepting what was the obvious, that a complete rebuild had to be done, and while we did maintain some of our key foundation/spine players in Skrtel/Agger/Glen/Gerrard/Lucas/Suarez, it's still been a massive job that IS showing very good progres and promise..

      Like you say, on any day, any team can beat another.. or so we say in NFL Football, "Any Given Sunday", and to draw a parallel there, anyone can succeed, AND anyone can fail, regardless of the task..

      We could have very well put Louis Van Gaal in charge, or lured Klopp from Dortmund, perhaps, really paid out of this world to entice Guardiola with money he couldn't dream of, and there's still no guarantee that this plan/vision the owners had, would be going much better or faster than it is.. Of course Guardiola is an outrageously ridiculous suggestion, but hopefully point taken, and Rodgers is one who in his own past, and in wanting to accept the challenge shared the same views and I think still short of alot of credit due..

      Yes, in some instances we are 2 steps forward and 1 step back, and that's always a scenario for weeks to come yet. We could get humbled at Stoke, and while I don't think anyone would be shocked, they'll still complain as if relegation looms. Point being, growing pains, and we're looking up far more than we're looking down, while talking of some nice additions in January to help us climb further and then really strengthen in the summer..

      Always growing pains to come, but Onwards and Upwards for me.. Suarez has 11 League goals, Gerrard 3, Skrtel 2.. everyone else on 1.. just think, if two more players had 1 more goal each, we could be 6 pts higher and absolutely buzzing... Not too far way.. Just a matter of putting the biscuit in the basket..

      Cheers All! Enjoy your Day and holidays with family and friends!

    • Merry Christmas to you Colin. Got to tell you it’s this time of year when I really miss being back home. The Americans don't do a bad Christmas, but still not the same.

      btw, I'd not worry about Sean, we've got to have a few posts on here we can laugh at, besides I'm looking forward to plenty of disagreements between you and I in the New Year. I mean what is the point of the boards if we always agree, and it’s all in good fun.

      Best to you and yours.

    • Colin.. ignore feature is a wonderful thing ;)..

      I only see messages I want to see.. and from people I like / respect.



      ...''...Dave shame this seaniceman cant find anything better to do Xmas Eve ...''...

      YET, here you are on CHRISTMAS DAY, boring the shyte out of your fellow boring redshytes...............hahahaha

      what happened NOOB NOOB, did the missus not buy you the WANNABE ACTORS directory for crimbo, or did she leave you some time ago for a proper man, ................hahahaah

      i can just see you there leaning against your 1970's mantlepiece staring at your chintz wallpaper, teacup in hand , wearing your cravaet, wondering where your whold life went wrong..................hahahahaah

      ...then deciding to share it on CHRISTMAS DAY, with steerage in some bizarre transatlantic bottomboy pact...hahahhahah

      YOU SAD QUNT.......................hahhahahahahah

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      • seaniceman...I live in a country where Xmas isnt celebrated its just another Tuesday so do excuse me for posting up on the board to others better able to express themselves. As Ive said next time Imlikely to be in Liverpool Id be more than happy to let u express u self face to face. Im not a keyboard warrior make good money from the job u waste u time disparaging. My 132 yr old daughter is a karate brownbelt and the only reason she isnt Black Belt is because she is too young officially to receive the award....guess who she learned from ? I think though the wisest course of action for peopleon this board is to press the ignore user button on u. Have a Nice Day Sean Nice Man
        Toodle Pip Old Chap.