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  • Loki Loki Dec 26, 2012 21:37 Flag

    Desperate for a Souness or McMahon

    We too often get bullied in midfield. Until we can get a hard b@stard in midfield, we'll keep on getting these results!

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    • 'fraid I'm writing off the next couple of matches in the Prem. I'm even begining to worry about us facing Mansfield Town in the FA Cup.

    • Have to say we were poor. Stoke did for us by sheer physicality, effort and greater dynamism all round. We looked tired and couldn´t even manage one direct shot to force a save whilst at the other end we headed the ball into the path of men in red and white, gifting them at least one of their goals in the process. Our defence was woeful, Shelvey useless, Gerrard wasteful and Suarez and Enrique apart, the rest might as well not have turned up. Harsh? Maybe. New players? Sturridge and or Ince wouldn´t have made any difference to tonight´s result imo - we have a long way to go and the new year will doubtless be the same old, same old I fear - one step forward, one back.
      I just hope I am totally wrong!

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      • Miguel...fraid have to agree with u assesment of tonights match.Stoke looked far more commited tochasing for every loose or 50/50 ball than us yes they can be a bit hard but they takeit as well as dish itout and get on withthe game. Have to say we looked very square at the back . Think BR is too interested in playing the ball out of deep defensive positions and he forgets about that job that defenders are really there to do and thats....DEFEND !
        For me its one step fw the Fulham game and then one straight back and I think its going to be that way for a long time before any trophies are arriving at Anfield under Brendan...so its either accept that and supportanat best mid table side and just be grateful for the wins as and when they come and enjoythe feelgood factor knowing that the following weekend it will probably disappear or get angry and say this isnt working then its sack the manager and back a new one who appears to know what hes doing and have the owners back him to the hilt to get the job done and get us back into the top ranking and colecting silverwareagain. I spose thats the choice that faces us all now moving into 2013....Im in something of a quandry not too sure what to do...but we cant go on like this for too much longer Im sureof that unless the owners justdont reallygive a f==+ about therir investment. We have nothing but Suarez nobody else looks remotely threatening in the and around the box ...MAYBE Sturridge will make a difference maybe IF we get him Paul Ince will make a difference Im not sure seems like trying to patch up the sideas best we can to get through to end of season without ending up in a relegation dog fight.... Aaaaargh !

    • To put things into perspective does anyone know how long it’s been since we've taken 3 points at Stoke? Give you a clue it was the 1980s. Also do anyone know how many have actually scored at Stoke this season? Not many.

      Now I'm not trying to dress up a pig here, we at times were woeful, but also got to give credit to Stoke who battled for the 3 points in order to negate our tactics. More composure and a bit more quality at the right times (especially defensively) it what we need, but it’s what we lacked.

      But the point I'd make is while going into today I was hoping for 3 points as we need to put a run together to get some momentum, but it was always going to be a tough job. I'd easily settled for a draw, but I'm not going to slash my wrist or fly off the handle because we lost, and nor do I think other should either.

    • ......or a Gerrard, Loki/

      as much as he's never really been classed as a hard fecker, he has bossed games , for years, now he cant.

      All the other replies on here, as usual, divert from the main statement.
      The backbone of any good team is the goalie, CB's a CM and a finisher, you have a couple of these in place, yet , now a massive broken link to your forward line, La La, just cant cut it anymore, age, injuries and now no doubt motivation, 3 managers in what a year, have taken its toll on him. Your youth set up is so poor, its rare such a player will now break through to replace him and big bucks will be needed unless you find a gem............but from where?

      ..............in fact he's almost as slow now as Phil Neville...almost..!!
      Merry New Year.

    • Who's extrapolating after a single game at Stoke? This wasn't the first match of the season. It was the nineteenth. Probably the significance of the Stoke game is not that they beat you but that they went above you. When was the last time you were below Stoke at the halfway point?


    • Now we're getting desperate if we're thinking of those 2 lol.. A bit old wouldn't you say :P

    • Dsteer if it wwere just one bad game we had this season.. that would be forgivable. yet we've lost more than one game and when we think.. at last some progross.. after winning a game.. we then lose or draw the next 2 games.