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  • The level and degree to which the comments, and some supporters lean, change, or speak so drastically, has got to be as fickle as it gets, when looking here..

    So, with 2-3 names, presumably ones we all know, looking like they are headed in the door, but can't be known for sure or announced by Jan 2nd, let's sack Rodgers now, and bring in _____________ ?

    Because, over the summer, the line of names was absolutely beating down the door to not only be the one to take on the "REBUILDING" (aka tearing major parts/players down and away from the club, reducing wages, removing dead wood, and promoting youth and a whole new style), let alone filling in Kenny Dalglish shoes, was so long, we had the luxury of picking from football's greatest.. Roberto Martinez, Sven Goran (I love every club) Ericksson and..?

    Again, I have no bias, nor any vested interest in FSG, Henry, Werner etc., whatsoever, regardless of being American, because I've had to hate and endure them over here for nearly 13 years as my biggest rival in Red Sox vs Yankees, but, in seeing how they've done things, they have more or less followed a blue print to a T, and again, unless Rodgers finishes 14th or somewhere around there, or worse (maybe, but I doubt it 12th-13th), he is going nowhere. He hasn't had half a season, let alone a full one, and the fact that we have made more dramatic steps forward, rather than backwards, but people only seem to pick and choose on weekly results is nothing short of laughable for anyone who can at least see a glass as level, not half empty or half full, for exactly what it is..

    Can anyone say with 100% certainty that Jose Mourinho could be doing a whole lot better, without employing his dirty foul, park the bus tactics, while working on a 29M summer budget and perhaps 20-30M, max, Jan budget, while selling off last summer's inept players, incorporating some who couldn't move, and using, Brad Jones, Suso, Sterling, no Lucas for a long period, and only Suarez.. Unless you have a crystal ball, the answer is at best "maybe" with a few more draws, and a few more pts, but probably not..

    So, let's sack Rodgers and bring in __________? and sack all the new players too.. Perhaps bring back Adam, Spearing, Wilson, and extend Cole for 5 years..

    Ridiculousness at it's finest..