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  • "we have made more dramatic steps forwards than backwards"

    I know it will be a surprise that I don't follow every dot and comma written either here or on the LFC website but as an outsider there would appear to me to be only three significant steps made between a year ago and now.

    One positive: so far this season you have avoided the fuck wit PR that Dalglish presided over in the Suarez affair.

    One negative: at the halfway point in the season you have, I believe, won even fewer league points than last year (which was your worst start to the season for 57 years or something) and you may or may not be in the top half of the table, a position below which was considered unacceptable for Dalglish to finish at. (And less interestingly, you've been knocked out of the Milk Cup.)

    One neutral: yes, you've had a lot of staff turnover.

    Feel free to enlighten me on the dramatic steps forward I've missed but if the biggest is indeed the absence of the most abysmal PR seen in the history of UK sport, it's not much to write home about. To me, the balance sheet looks negative.