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  • I wouldn't expect Cech to say anything else.

    Yes, we've beaten three poor teams in a row. whoop-whoop. We stuffed Villa. That was funny. Shame Piazon didn't score his penalty for his first Chelsea goal and two new records (biggest ever Chelsea league win and extending the record number of goalscorers in the match from seven to eight) but it was a great save by the keeper. Scraped past Norwich. I'll be happier if we beat Everton on Sunday but I'm not holding my breath.

    I still don't like Benitez and won't shed any tears when he goes. In the meantime the better our results the happier I will be. I'd like us to win the League Cup (which we ought to), I'd love us to win the FA Cup for the fifth time in seven years. Now that City are having a blip I'd like us to get past them again. United look out of reach with their lucky wins every week.

    I notice that the 8-0 matched a score we had a couple of seasons ago. For Benitez that beat his previous best by a couple of goals. So has Benitez improved Chelsea or Chelsea improved Benitez? :)