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  • please will brenden rogers do the right thing and go,plese

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    • You can't raise the titanic in a day unfortunately. Read between the lines, he's had to get rid of 100 million worth of mistakes ( still in the process of that) improve the squad, change the way we play, and all this without a box player. We're gonna have regular setbacks I'm afraid and considering all of the above he's not done too badly. We have a very outside chance of being top 6 - not good enough, but progress if we can do it.

    • I think giving BR two years before fully judging him is a reasonable position to take but earlier in this thread you posted ...

      "we are making progress. Its measured but it is progress."

      I think that the point that Robert is making is that it is difficult for many including lots of Liverpool fans to see the measured progress you are referring to.

      p.s. I thought your previous post was very long :-)

    • ron j...YES think the term curious sums up my current feelings . Are we better now than we were with Kenny last season....dont think so at best Id say ...about the same .Thing about Benitez...Im not a fan of Robert's posts but think we have to remember we had one or two big wins under Benitez tenancy but most of the time his tactics were dire and surely contributed to us finishing 2nd to UniTURD when we should have strolled to the Title that yr. BUT ...u never know maybe Benitez learnt his lesson... FINALLY... that the fans dont want to watch his negative hold-position tactics and do want to see GOALS ! Time alone will tell.

    • but is that really that difficult...

      steerage spouts so much shyte he's forgotten what he has said, even when faced with a complete OWNING,,,,,hahahahha

    • Hi Jason

      You keep comparing the 2nd half of last season to the first half of this season.

      In mitigation ...

      1) during a large part of the 2nd half of last season, 4th place looked out of reach and we were still in two cups - I think that contributed to the league performances.

      2) we were without our two best attacking/creative players for much of last season.

      3) we won a trophy.

      Did you expect when BR took over that, half way through the season, we would be on a par with Norwich & West Ham? Below Swansea, Stoke & the Baggies? Do you really think the squad that BR was left with plus £25m represented worse resources than those clubs had at the start of the season?

      I'm not in favour of sacking BR. I am happy to support him. I just think that to pretend that the club have taken giant steps forward under him so far is flying in the face of reality. There is no evidence for that.

      I see posts from people on these boards having a pop at "naysayers". As I've posted before, pessimists are what optimists call realists. I would imagine that the vast majority of supporters are willing to support BR and give him time. I also imagine that the vast majority of supporters haven't seen the "measurable steps forward" that some have.

    • Well, we have some fabulous new players and the age of the team has reduced considerably so the future looks promising. Against that the team has been reshuffled a bit, our two main leaders have been injured and we have had a lot of matches to play. So while I would expect some great results like the Villa one I would also expect some poorer results like the West Ham one and the three European games. Maybe that makes us a better cup team than league team this year. Again.


    • Hi Jason

      Thanks for the reply.

      For what it's worth, I hope you're right and that they are prepared to back him both with time and money. I'm not as convinced as you that they will though (after all, didn't they view Kenny as a long term option having invested millions with him in charge?).

      Fingers crossed for a much better 2013 - even if progress is slow.

      Happy New Year.

    • I wouldn't expect Cech to say anything else.

      Yes, we've beaten three poor teams in a row. whoop-whoop. We stuffed Villa. That was funny. Shame Piazon didn't score his penalty for his first Chelsea goal and two new records (biggest ever Chelsea league win and extending the record number of goalscorers in the match from seven to eight) but it was a great save by the keeper. Scraped past Norwich. I'll be happier if we beat Everton on Sunday but I'm not holding my breath.

      I still don't like Benitez and won't shed any tears when he goes. In the meantime the better our results the happier I will be. I'd like us to win the League Cup (which we ought to), I'd love us to win the FA Cup for the fifth time in seven years. Now that City are having a blip I'd like us to get past them again. United look out of reach with their lucky wins every week.

      I notice that the 8-0 matched a score we had a couple of seasons ago. For Benitez that beat his previous best by a couple of goals. So has Benitez improved Chelsea or Chelsea improved Benitez? :)


    • Spot on again Robert.

      As I've said before 1 cup, two finals and 8th place with some bad luck (and a regular absence of our two top goalscorers this season) wasn't good enough for the board.

      I wonder what people are seeing this season to suggest that measurable signs of progress have been made?

      I can't see it for the life of me (and believe me, I've been looking).

    • Well, Dave has his own view of things and I have mine, so while maybe we each see positives (and there are negatives too), I'm sure we'd agree on some, and not so much on others..

      Perhaps the use of significant wasn't applied properly in my initial comment, because my follow up, using 2nd or 3rd in the standings as an example, would be 1 mighty big "significant" improvement, but obviously after re-stating my views, I think it's point taken.. I obviously meant it as, in several areas, but make no mistake, there is ALOT of work yet to do, and ALOT of improvment to be made..

      After making my follow up statement and pointing those things out, which I actually did right off the top of my head (whether remembering these stats/figures is good or bad, I'll never know), I came across this, just to double check my facts, and this from a Liverpool fan, neutral, or anyone who is just interested in general, this is absolutely disgusting, nauseating and certainly makes my case just a little bit better..

      Blue, are wins, and I see 5 in all of the 2nd half of the season, and 2, yes 2 at Anfield in that same period of time, where we lost 1-0 to Fulham, West Brom, and what I remember, just barely scraped a 2-1 loss to Wigan, all at Anfield.. This is painful on the eyes:

      So, system, youth, players in and out, all aside, if Rodgers having the chance to put us on 28 pts, with a better + g/d, 7 wins and in 7th (all "ifs" based on QPR result), with more goals scored, less conceded, vs the last 19 matches before his tenure isn't improvement, than I really don't know what is..

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