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  • John John Dec 26, 2012 22:55 Flag

    mid table at best

    10 points of 3rd place 10 points of relegation zone and another absolutely fucking shocking performance against a team we are expected to beat

    seriously i wouldn,t worry about everton finishing above us thats a dead cert as it is with swansea stoke tottenham and west brom all will finish above us

    mid table we should be so lucky you all better hope for mid table because as thing are going we could end up in the lower part of the table

    and it really pains me to say that but its a fact

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    • jcraic ..fraid I have to agree with u mate whatdoes it take to get some of ourlads motivated and up for the game ? Tony Pulis seemed to have his lads and his supporters well fired up for this game whereas Brendan just looked like he was mopng about nr the touchline for the whole match not a sight to inspire his lads out there I would have thought ?

    • Merry Seasons greetings Jonny Boy..

      ....finally some clarity out of the blinded mist of 99% of NOOB's on this board....

      you are a mid table team, thats just the way it is.
      You have a mid table Manager, with mid table Players and a mid table mentality.........so what do you expect.

      Too many lfc fans are living off past glories that just arent there anymore,