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  • Jason Jason Dec 27, 2012 15:29 Flag

    ...'' My 132 yr old Daughter''...

    In addition to what Robert has said, which is being kind at best, where you've never shown the ability to use grammar higher than a 10 yeard old, on at least 2 occasions now(perhaps more), Colin has offered in a very polite manner, the opportunity to meet. Perhaps that's where he could answer your question of him being a black belt..? Instead, you've resorted back to a keyboard. Sadly, some choose to use the ignore feature, where you're just truly too priceless not to be enjoyed. I couldn't pay for anything funnier or more ironic.. Ricky Gervais couldn't right this stuff up!

    As an Everton fan, I'd imagine you aren't too far away from where Colin resides, so why don't you take him up on his offer? You have the opportunity to answer your very own question..

    I'll even offer up the cab fare, and some of the money needed for the hospital bills afterwards..

    As Colin would say, how about it "Sunshine" ?

    (On he/she goes about the "American", and routine, embarrassing commentary now).. zzzzzzz

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      ''...10 yeard old...''......................HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

      ive already answered him to meet . you dumb fwck and he's ran off shytting his little actor hot pants...........he he

      PWNED, by me, yet again...NEXXXXXXXXXXXXXTTTTTT