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  • Jason Jason Dec 27, 2012 19:22 Flag

    Why Rodgers needs to be sacked now..

    Because not only did we not get a result, but we lost at Stoke. So, in keeping true to form, Stoke have not been beaten at the Britannia in 16 matches, and those previous 15 teams who did not win there, all sacked their managers too, so we should do the same, despite last week's performance and a good overall patch of form..

    This would also only make logical sense after beating Fulham 4-0, which was our biggest goal differential in league play in all of last season and this, and with 4 different scorers, Suarez only getting on the mark in stoppage time.

    We'd also been in the top of the form table with 2 losses in 13 matches..

    BUT, with the possibility of perhaps picking up 6 points vs QPR and then Sunderland, along with the addition of 2-3 new faces, maybe we can reconsider? Bahhh, what am I thinking...!

    I do agree with the fickle, his job status, and evaluation should be maintained on a week to week basis, not on a body of work over any extended period of time, and we should just change managers every other month based on how they do in 4-5 matches.

    I shutter to think what might happen if we can claim (and I try to never think further than 1 result at a time) 6/6 vs QPR and Sunderland, getting within a touching distance of top 4, but then faulter at relegation battlers Manchester United at Old Trafford, even if god forbid it's a 1 goal game or late winner..

    Start dusting off and polishing up those CVs, along with the very lengthy list of MASSIVE names of those in line for the job, and job needed to be done.. Don't be offended if you're passed over by Cryuff or Guardiola, since they've been in line since early June..