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  • Jason Jason Dec 27, 2012 21:39 Flag

    Why Rodgers needs to be sacked now..

    All reasons he needs to be sacked now..

    But more seriously, I never like to accept defeat, nor ever say I don't expect to win or play well, but if I'm 100% honest, every year, I see that game @ Stoke, I cringe and I chalk it up as a loss, with a tie best case scenario. I think LFC only have 2 league wins there all I time...

    As far as comparing him to Roy, well I couldn't find anything further apart considering we had just been absolutely blasted at Rovers, 3-1, were sitting 13th with a -3 goal differential. Not exactly the same thing, and we had Torres, Meireles, Kuyt and Maxi .. So not only big difference in team standings, but clearly a lost ship with awful tactics going nowhere fast.

    For the Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing, for the overall body of work, yes, I can agree with that as there have been times where I feel I've watched one thing 4 days ago, and something totally different the next. Though, I feel it has tightened up a bit, and while nobody in the world saw that Villa result coming, not by a longshot, let's say it didn't, and perhaps we'd won, that would have been 4 on the spin, and I still think a loss at Stoke..

    I think alot of the game, or the way players play does come from managers, but yesterday, when I see Daniel Agger play an absolute shocker, including whatever that was leading to the first goal, where Skrtel ends up alone facing 2 men and the ball and gets bowled over, makes me scratch my head.. The 2nd goal, Stevie is on the post, if that's what you want to call it, but yet a large enough gap for a person to walk through, let alone a header.. And once it was 2-1 that quickly, just like that, at their place, it's all she wrote..

    I don't really recall anything meaningful from Gerrard in the midfield, nor any physical or composed play from Lucas, or the aggressive physical nature we've come to see from Shelvey, and we're not going to get that from Suarez/Suso/Downing up front, so I don't really know what else to say because, Sterling and others weren't really much better as far as difference makers in this one..

    He's said over and over he feels the squad is too thin, and it's the truth, on top of laden with youth, that we rely on heavily, and always likely to struggle in this type of game.. I don't even know where a comeback for 2 goals would have come from without a Suarez magical miracle..

    Bottom line, while no, this is not good enough, and I can't stomach games and results like that, the squad is still being overhauled, still needs additions, and is still young/transitioning.

    If they put out that type of performance vs QPR and home to Sunderland, then I think we'll have a serious problem and very good cause for concern, but I remain the optimist, and don't expect either as well as looking forward to the additions we're expecting to see..

    End of the day, all this stuff (squad being thin aside) about the character and results does fall on the manager, but to have a feisty experience player like Agger have such a nightmare, and then to see Enrique come out after the fact and say he and his teammates need to show more strength and character, shows that some who actually put on the uniform and kick the ball, need to not just stop talking about it, especially after the fact, but go out and do it, and do it consistently..

    Sorry to be picky, but we led City 1-0, then 2-1, undone by a terrible 1 off by Skrtel, and yes blew 2-0 to Everton, but scored an incorrectly ruled offsides winner.. It is "what if" talk, but, the irony and truth is, "if" .. people are singing praises rather than down in the dumps..