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  • Jason Jason Dec 30, 2012 16:25 Flag

    Why Rodgers needs to be sacked now..


    I think to help see it, just compare starting lineups to that of last year's where we all universally assumed 4th spot at bare minimum. Compare the bench as well..

    These 2 things don't represent much of anything visible, but really look, compare, and view the differences and try to quantify what should have been, vs what is.. As I've said, I don't like the standings, I don't accept the standings and I never will, but while many of you have grown up LFC and experienced some of the glory years, I've been a supporter about 10 years, and obviously Instanbul and some other trophies, I've not, so for me, it's been cut and bandage over and over and over.. Unless we're to lose Skrtel Agger Lucas and Suarez, this is about as drastic as it's been and could be..

    Suso - Bellamy
    Assaidi - Maxi
    Shelvey - Carroll
    Cole - A tree
    Henderson - A rock
    Kuyt - A fire hydrant

    (Also makes that start vs start comparison a little easier to see and digest)

    Anyways, as I'm typing, it's Suarez 2 - 0, so let's hope this carries on along with the team performance and into a better 2013, along with a Happy and Healthy New Years to everyone here on the LFC boards.

    Happy New Years! Cheers!

    And btw, while this is mostly a football discussion, and most threads are, or intended to be, let's not forget what a momentous year this has been as far as people, supporters, families and justice.. While I'll never know the full gravity of it all, nor will many others, if nothing else, absolutely tremendous strides have been made to help all those who can appreciate it most. I'd sacrifice any player or scoreline to give something back to those who've lost the most.. JFT96!