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  • Paddy Paddy Dec 30, 2012 21:34 Flag

    Why Rodgers needs to be sacked now..

    Hi Jason

    Thanks for replying.

    All of that is an interesting take on what is going on but I'm not sure how debating that we have a weaker squad now compared to last year (albeit with more potential in your opinion) answers my question.

    You seem to be saying that we have a worse squad and therefore worse results. That would be a good debate for someone who wanted BR to get the sack but that's not what I'm saying.

    I'm asking for someone to tell me why they are so confident, given BR history before Liverpool and this season, that he is going to be a success. Telling me that we have a worse team than last year but you believe they will be better in the future isn't answering that.

    ps. sorry, I'm not having a go at you - I'm just trying to understand the hype from some quarters about BR.

    Happy New Year.