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  • Jason Jason Dec 31, 2012 14:34 Flag

    Why Rodgers needs to be sacked now..

    Hey PS,

    I'll just keep this one shorter because I do understand, and appreciate what you're asking and trying to say, and I think you more or less do in my case vice versa.. That said, I'm not trying to cherry pick, to be fair, everything I've come up with as far as comparisons and good points, you've shot down and countered with, so I guess I'm out of ammo really.. What I'm not trying to do, and I think you know that is just wildly and blindly support the guy..

    I don't know if he's going to be the long term answer, nobody can know that, and that's a dilemma for any club and any opening that ever exists. No owner, regardless of size of the club, wants to be changing managers all the time, it's a headache and expensive. I do know, and it's a pretty valid point, if he's not given the time he said he needed, to implement his vision/plan, and implement their goals and picture, then we'll never know.

    The task at hand, and this is from my understanding having heard many interviews with John Henry that I'm not sure have all made their over to your side, was monumental. Basically remove all of last summer's buys, or figure out how to get the very best from them, clear out other players on crazy salaries, promote some youth because we have a highly touted youth program, and start bringing in young, talented players that will not only produce product, but fit a vision and be long term players, perhaps stars.. Since there's no director of football, which we had, and many other clubs do, City, Utd, Chelsea etc etc... Rodgers is ultimately charged and wanted these tasks, and Ayre, just signs the checks..

    To quickly go back on Kenny and Clarke (who stepped down on his own), if Henry said to him, he wanted all of the above done this season, do we think he'd taken that kindly to it or accepted that as a requirement to keep the job? It would have been insulting to say, hey, you bought Adam, Downing, Carroll etc, and we want them all gone now and you won't get very much else to replace them with.. He was also quite reluctant to play Sterling (rumored to want to leave for Spurs), Suso not mentioned, Wisdom who, ..

    So, I guess to put a pause on this, again, I don't know, but personally based on my own opinions of him, I wanted to see what he could do with great players, which he has a few of, but not enough, and what it may result in. That can't happen in 5 months, probably not in 1 first season, so we may honestly be wondering next October too, but barring the unthinkable, the impression given is that he will absolutely still be here. That's per FSG, not me.. If he goes sooner I'd be shocked, but if it's deserved, then so be it and I'll hopefully support that person too..

    Sadly, it's not an answer any of us like, but "Time will tell"..