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  • Loki Loki Dec 28, 2012 10:27 Flag

    1/2 Term Report

    For me and I suspect all of us, it's 'must do better' but look what Rodgers has had to do.

    1) clear out the rubbish from the last regime - only Enrique has been marginally successful and that's stretching it.
    2) play youngsters who wouldn't even have had a sniff of the first team if we had a bigger squad, and I include sterling in that. Is it any wonder the results have been patchy?"
    3) change the way we play - some have struggled with it, notably Gerrard who is only now getting to grips with his role in the team
    4) had to do without carra- Stevie may be skipper, but for me carra is / or was the general, barking orders, organising, we've missed that.
    5) had to do with no true striker. Perhaps the biggest factor. We can talk about who's fault this was but the fact is we have not had one. How many games have we dominated and got bugger all for our efforts? We're finally getting the 1 in 2 games striker we need so this will improve.

    I genuinely don't understand how some people on these boards think winning games is as easy as snapping your fingers! It will take time to turn around the years of mismanagement of both the team and the money, but you think after a few months in charge we should 10 points clear? Thick, stupid people!!!!!

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    • Hi Loki

      Thanks for responding - I agree with most of what you've posted and the overall 'must do better'.

      I should have made it clear that I was judging and asking for the half-term report for the club as a whole (not just BR's management although that is obviously a big part of it).