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  • Paddy Paddy Dec 28, 2012 09:19 Flag

    1/2 Term Report

    As we're half way through the season I thought it would be interesting to get some 'half-term' reports.

    For me, the summary is that, despite having low expectations, we have under-achieved.

    The positives are the form of Suarez and the blooding of some youngsters. The negatives are results, handling of the last transfer window, that "fly on the wall documentary".

    The style of football for me is a neutral - I don't think it is any better than last season.

    So a "D" grade from me. What about you?

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    • I'd give us a grade of C, and would agree that must do better is applicable, and do think we can do better if we keep working the way we have.

      But would suggest those contributing to this thread ask themselves what they are measuring the grade against? If you look at the table we're right in the center, so a C marked on a bell curve would be appropriate. But I suspect many are grading based on what their expectations are, which is fine, as long as we're clear on what those expectations are ahead of time.

      If someone thinks we should be top 4, then we'd be lucky to be scraping a D. Top 6, then maybe a C-. But as some have called us now a mid-table club, then meeting expectations would be closer to a B.

      For me I'd agree results, transfers (at least late in the window) are the negatives. I'd also agree on your positives, but I would add the style of play as a marginal positive rather than a neutral factor.

      We have not changed as much as some in the press make out, but do think we move the ball faster than last year, which helps create better chances. Much of that is down to faster feet in the likes of Sterling and Suso over the likes of Kuyt. That is creating better chances for Suarez at his feet, rather than half chances last term. Problem is lack of experience of these players can lead to bad decisions with the final ball, but that will get better with time and of course more experience.

      We were not a long ball team last year, but sometimes when Carroll came on late, tended toward pumping the ball forward at times, and even without Carroll do think we played a much more direct style that we do now. We still go long at times, but its man to man with Enrique to Suarez being the best example, rather than pumping it forward hoping Carroll can flick it on, or hold up the ball. For me this is better is two ways, one it has created better scoring chances, (including actual goals), but it’s also helped us defensively by allowing us to retain the ball rather than quickly giving it back and inviting pressure again.

      So I'd say it’s a positive but marginal as I still don't think we have the system perfected. Stoke on Boxing day showed us we can still be rattled when they really press hard, and we need to handle that better, but that is what the second half is for. Making progress, and turning that C into something better.

    • psredpool...agree with u assesment 100%...particularly with the style of football comment. Think we were every bit as good with Kenny at the helm. Before the Stoke game or should I say "capitulation" ? I would have said Grade C but now has to be like u a GRADE D.

    • For me and I suspect all of us, it's 'must do better' but look what Rodgers has had to do.

      1) clear out the rubbish from the last regime - only Enrique has been marginally successful and that's stretching it.
      2) play youngsters who wouldn't even have had a sniff of the first team if we had a bigger squad, and I include sterling in that. Is it any wonder the results have been patchy?"
      3) change the way we play - some have struggled with it, notably Gerrard who is only now getting to grips with his role in the team
      4) had to do without carra- Stevie may be skipper, but for me carra is / or was the general, barking orders, organising, we've missed that.
      5) had to do with no true striker. Perhaps the biggest factor. We can talk about who's fault this was but the fact is we have not had one. How many games have we dominated and got bugger all for our efforts? We're finally getting the 1 in 2 games striker we need so this will improve.

      I genuinely don't understand how some people on these boards think winning games is as easy as snapping your fingers! It will take time to turn around the years of mismanagement of both the team and the money, but you think after a few months in charge we should 10 points clear? Thick, stupid people!!!!!