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  • RonJ RonJ Dec 29, 2012 10:40 Flag

    Sturridge and Assaidi

    are you begining to wonder if BR (and the Liverpool heirarchy) actually knows what he is (they are) doing???

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    • RON J....Ina word...YES.

    • No, I stated it in black and white, in each player's case, one who isn't and LFC player yet, I have a problem with each one of them..

      Logic would tell us if all the Ts have been crossed, Sturridge will sign so that he can get back to playing football rather than watching from the stands..

      And, unless Rodgers actually encouraged Assaidi, which is something I hadn't considered when starting this, because he may be lacking fitness after injury, then it's the player's decision, and just like any other player/club, the club vs nation is always a debate, but one that almost every time, the player wins..

      I don't know enough to comment other than to speculate and say I'm not happy with Assaidi but we could find out more. I am not pleased with Sturridge if in fact the information that he's not signed the dotted line is true.

      Both instances, I could be wide of the mark, but based on what I know and think, I'm annoyed with them until I know/hear better..