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    Sturridge and Assaidi

    Strange combo of names for a thread, I know, but two players, two issues, and two things I'm personally not happy with.. I'll start with the obvious..

    The fee for Sturridge to move has been agreed, and he's also completed his medical, BUT he still has not finalized a contract. Now obviously I can't say I'm in that room, or in that dialogue to say it's this, that or the other thing, but we've all heard the stories and BR's comment without saying a name, that no player will ever dictate where they play, so that notion of central striker clause, is not only ridiculous, and arrogant, but never going to happen, so I guess my curiosity now, is he just bickering over wages or still some other capacity of playing time or how he's used.. I don't know the answers, just speculating, and I'd imagine within 4-5 days time, it's ironed out, or maybe all just falls apart. So the real question, and really for him, does he want to be a 23 year old Madonna super star ego maniac with no laurels to rest on, or play some football, get into the National side, and maybe become a great player and goal scorer.. He needs to sort himself, or we need to move on

    Assaidi.. I have to say, for all the stick and beatings Borini has taken here on the boards despite having not even played in nearly 2 months, and also while having carried the fracture in his foot with Italy with it not being reported, then broken while with them again, has really not done too much to deserve it all, while Assaidi who some of us were very excited for, has actually done far less, and gotten far less..

    And, here is where my issue is.. I've seen him a bit prior to this both with his former Dutch side (while I don't see as much Dutch as I'd like) and Morocco, and was impressed. He impressed early on in a very good cameo in the Carling Cup at WBA, and then 1 or 2 other stints in Europe, but since has been an enigma and MIA to all of us.. Just finally last week in an injury briefing prior to the Fulham match, Rodgers mentioned his name ever so slightly, saying he has been struggling with a knee. Whether it was a knock, or an ongoing thing, who knows, but what I do know is that it's been enough to keep him out of the squad completely to where I can't even recall the last time I saw his name or face on the subs bench, yet today I read he's off for the African Cup of Nations with Morocco, who have a good lot of players and could do well..

    Rodgers hasn't said anything, and that makes me wonder if he's really in the dog house, or they may have already written him off, because I cannot fathom Ferguson, Redknapp or even Whinger not saying something if faced with this same scenario. If he's not well enough to train, or not even training well, then he's certainly not well enough to travel and play in a tournament even if he isn't going to be a regular or not. They have Taraabt, Belhanda and 1-2 others, so he may just be a 1st sub, or may be a starter, dunno, but I do know, he's left LFC under recent pretense of injury or knock, but away he goes..

    It's sort of becomes one of those "silence is deafening" scenarios, and could lead us to looking to another wide player.. Ideally and irregardless, I hope we end up finalizing the Ince deal, but this situation, while quiet, really has me annoyed..

    Just to show an example of how bad I view it, 2 years ago, when we had that all star Milan Jovanovic who was supposed to be the next greatest thing, and turned out rubbish, I recall an international break where he was healthy and declined going away with Serbia so that he could stay behind with Liverpool to train and push for a spot. Obviously it never worked out for him with us, but he's gone on to do well in Belgium again, and his national side, and if nothing else, I admire that, looking back on it and comparing Assaidi now..

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    • are you begining to wonder if BR (and the Liverpool heirarchy) actually knows what he is (they are) doing???

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      • RON J....Ina word...YES.

      • No, I stated it in black and white, in each player's case, one who isn't and LFC player yet, I have a problem with each one of them..

        Logic would tell us if all the Ts have been crossed, Sturridge will sign so that he can get back to playing football rather than watching from the stands..

        And, unless Rodgers actually encouraged Assaidi, which is something I hadn't considered when starting this, because he may be lacking fitness after injury, then it's the player's decision, and just like any other player/club, the club vs nation is always a debate, but one that almost every time, the player wins..

        I don't know enough to comment other than to speculate and say I'm not happy with Assaidi but we could find out more. I am not pleased with Sturridge if in fact the information that he's not signed the dotted line is true.

        Both instances, I could be wide of the mark, but based on what I know and think, I'm annoyed with them until I know/hear better..

    • So what options does Sturridge offer?

    • It's been suggested on a website Assadi will replace Downing assuming Downing is sold.

    • I'll skip past the Sturridge stuff as he obviously signed already which was pretty much a certainty a month ago.

      The fact that Assaidi never gets mentioned worries me too. Everytime I see him play, I think he looks quality. The rumours I heard were that he is not physically strong enough yet but I don't really understand that to stop you playing altogether. Sahin is another one that doesnt get discussed although rumours here suggest LFC are trying to send him back but Madrid dont want him!

      Assaidi was on the bench against QPR having recovered from his knee injury, incidently he went to ACON at the expense of Taraabt who he tends to keep out of the side. I read a while back that the Morroco manager told Taraabt to take a leaf out of Assaidi's book if he wanted to be important for Morroco.

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      • Rather than over complicate this, does anyone actually think the reason that neither Assaide or Sahan are not getting starts has less to do with them, and more to do with the players taking their place?

        Put it this way, while I've been impressed with Assaide when he's come on, it’s hard to put either Sterling or Downing on the bench right now the way they are both playing. Sterling I think will keep playing as long as BR thinks the lad can handle it physically and mentally, and to be fair since Downing was told he could leave it seems he's been on fire.

        The same could be said for the middle of the park keeping Sahan out. With Lucas back and getting better with each match he's becoming one of the first on the team sheet, which is also having a positive impact on Gerrard's performances lately. So who gets the third slot with Allen looking better now he's further forward, Shelvey still making his case, and Henderson much like Downing really looking like he's trying to kick it up a gear.

        Sometimes players coming back from injury just have to work that much harder, as those who've filled in during their absence have really taken advantage of the situation, and then is never a bad thing for the squad overall.

      • I'm puzzled as to why Sahin isn't playing for us more same with Yesil.