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  • Well yea, but could you not find a little humor in that video clip as it related to your statement? It was a joke, at least I enjoyed, and conversely there's been 1 or 2 from me in that manner, you've picked on. But all seriousness, a joke and New Year's Cheers..

    As for the Drogba v Henry thing, if you're just going off memory, or scouring down the lines of stats, you wouldn't really see it, and I'm not saying I agree, though when I saw it, it was very compelling. If I can ever find it in a clip or article, I think you'd be surprised, all things considered, not just goals..

    As for Drogba, there's always competition, but let's take Newcastle for example.. Demba Ba actually reminds me a bit of him (who ironically could be Chelsea bound), and let's say he went there, NUFC got healthy, and had Ben Arfa, Cabaye and whoever else.. I think Drogba could hit 20, if he and Cisse worked well.. Or, let's say Liverpool, for all the chances that get squandered in the box byt Suarez creation, alone, he'd never have more fun smashing in "tap ins".. But both clubs are not in the running, financially, and table wise..

    Regards to Lampard, if nothing else, I think he's one of the best goal scoring mids I can think of, certainly in the prem. Not prolific, though several 20 goal seasons, so steady and efficient, if nothing else. We may disagree here in that I think Gerrard is more rounded, better box to box, defensive work in his end, and some very good tackling, along with his delivery, both LFC and 3 Lions, but Lampard a much better finisher, and likely, at least these days to create a winner.. He is the definition of a finisher, and a poacher.. I couldn't guess how many times he's arrived late in the box to find a cut back pass, or loose ball around the edge, and put it home.. Gerrard seems to miss alot of those, and alot more often these days..

    Back to Drogba, while as ugly as it sounds on so many levels, I'd be curious what he could do at Stoke.. ehh... that hurts to picture.. But, while I'm not sure where, I can see an Epl return.