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  • Supporters of liverpool should be questioning the board for taking money from sky remember the company owns the SUN as well. bad ethics considering what the fans think about hillsbourgh

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    • All very fair, valid and good points, which weren't noted during that segment I happened to see, but I agree..

      Unfortunately for me, I don't remember most of his career as vividly as I'd like to.. Probably a bit like some who may have seen and known Michael Jordan, but "not really"..

      He (Henry) still looks dazzling at times for the amount I do have the option to watch the NY Red Bulls.. and not due to the level of competition, he's just that classy, in every sense.

    • I wouldn't compare Drogba with Henry because I think Henry stands in a class of his own, above all other Premiership players I have seen. He was dazzling to watch, scored goals for fun, did things (with and without Bergkamp) that no-one had seen before, and led Arsenal during their greatest season. He also scored more goals than Drogba, and more consistently and in less time. And in comparison with Ronaldo he had huge charm and didn't try to win by constantly cheating.


    • Well yea, but could you not find a little humor in that video clip as it related to your statement? It was a joke, at least I enjoyed, and conversely there's been 1 or 2 from me in that manner, you've picked on. But all seriousness, a joke and New Year's Cheers..

      As for the Drogba v Henry thing, if you're just going off memory, or scouring down the lines of stats, you wouldn't really see it, and I'm not saying I agree, though when I saw it, it was very compelling. If I can ever find it in a clip or article, I think you'd be surprised, all things considered, not just goals..

      As for Drogba, there's always competition, but let's take Newcastle for example.. Demba Ba actually reminds me a bit of him (who ironically could be Chelsea bound), and let's say he went there, NUFC got healthy, and had Ben Arfa, Cabaye and whoever else.. I think Drogba could hit 20, if he and Cisse worked well.. Or, let's say Liverpool, for all the chances that get squandered in the box byt Suarez creation, alone, he'd never have more fun smashing in "tap ins".. But both clubs are not in the running, financially, and table wise..

      Regards to Lampard, if nothing else, I think he's one of the best goal scoring mids I can think of, certainly in the prem. Not prolific, though several 20 goal seasons, so steady and efficient, if nothing else. We may disagree here in that I think Gerrard is more rounded, better box to box, defensive work in his end, and some very good tackling, along with his delivery, both LFC and 3 Lions, but Lampard a much better finisher, and likely, at least these days to create a winner.. He is the definition of a finisher, and a poacher.. I couldn't guess how many times he's arrived late in the box to find a cut back pass, or loose ball around the edge, and put it home.. Gerrard seems to miss alot of those, and alot more often these days..

      Back to Drogba, while as ugly as it sounds on so many levels, I'd be curious what he could do at Stoke.. ehh... that hurts to picture.. But, while I'm not sure where, I can see an Epl return.

    • I'm not grumpy Robert, just prickly at times!

      Your right it does come down to what he wants in terms of role, and that will determine if he stays or who he goes to if he does go. If he wants week in week out football he may need to drop down a level. The buzz here is LA Galaxy, which he'd walk into, and would be a regular, but does he fancy the big move, and lots of air miles which is the reality of MLS, which is why I think some older players don't live up to their reputations. Or he might fancy a spell in the French league where he'd also walk into a starting lineup, be closer to home, and be part of what looks to being an improving number of clubs.

      Personally I don't see him going to Madrid, although Cole (which is the one I'd keep from a purely footballing point of view as he's younger and for me still clearly at the top of his game) making the switch assuming Jose is still there I think is more likely. I think Frank would be only a bit player with all the competition for places, and if wants that role why move. I'd actually like him to stay where he is, not because I'm a particular fan of him or your club, but like the idea of players evolving their game/role rather than being forced to shop around for new clubs. Besides we’d have to find a whole new nickname for one of your younger players if we did not have “Fat” Frank to pick on!

      But one thing to consider is why this is an issue for Chelsea (and a lot of other clubs) but not for the likes of Giggs or Scholes (or Cara for that matter). Part I think is the individual players who feel the loyalty to one club, and are willing to take a more backstage role for the good of the club. But I also wonder if it’s the stability of the club that also plays a role. When SAF sits down with Giggs and says I want you to sign for one more year. You won't play every week, but you will be part of my plans, he knows the manager will do what he says. If or when Rafa, or whoever sits down with Lampard and says the same thing, Lamps most likely thinks the guy on the other side of the table will be gone before his current deal is over, so why believe anything about the promises he'll get on a new deal.

      I don't mean that as dig on Chelsea, because while you lot are the poster boys for the gaffer merry-go-round, to a certain extent few clubs have much stability they can offer a player (look at why Meireles left us, as the new regime were unwilling to keep promises made by the old regime). So while the Chelsea policy of no multiyear contracts for players over 30 maybe extreme, it’s not like Giggs and Scholes have been offered 4 or 5 year deals, but every time they sign another 12 month extension they know if they do their part they'll be dealing with the same man in a year about another 12 months.

    • Despite the daft nickname some around here used to like to hang around his neck, Lampard has always been one of the fittest and least injury prone players of his age. I agree he can't continue at the highest mileage but I see him more as a Giggs than a Scholes. He's also one of the more intelligent players and so I would expect him to be able to adapt either to a fewer matches regime, or to not being box to box the whole time.

      I wouldn't expect him to be offered, or to ask for, a four or five year contract. But I will be surprised if he hasn't got at least two or three good seasons left. And like Carragher and Gerrard with you I think he has a great deal to offer Chelsea even if he isn't playing. Torres excepted, our new look attack is very young and I am sure, for all their talents, there is much that Lampard can teach them, as well as playing a calming and inspiring influence. More than anyone, I'd like Lampard to stay with Chelsea when his playing days are over.

      But you're right, whether that's what he wants or not I can't say. I can see it more with Carragher and Gerrard who I would guess are more LFC rooted and committed than Lampard may be to Chelsea, much as he says he loves the club and I believe him. But I can see him going overseas for two or three seasons before starting some new career (punditry?) more than I can Carragher and Gerrard.

      As I said earlier, I wouldn't be surprised to see Lampard and/or Cole at Real Madrid next season. Would you?

      Rightly or wrongly, Chelsea do seem to have a no multiyear contract policy for the over 30s. If the rumours are true that seems to have been the breakdown in negotiations with both Drogba and Ballack. It's understandable now that we make a profit every year but it would be a shame if it caused Lampard and Cole to leave before their time.

      Happy New year to you. May our discussions in 2013 be more understanding and less grumpy.


    • Hey Gazza lad

      Whilst you're about I wonder if, a year on, you still think that Drogba & Lamps needed to be chased out of Chelsea?


      I mean Lamps looked awful today and the Drog was hopeless last season right?

      Happy New Year :-)

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      • I know this was just intended as a wind-up but I see the cases of Drogba and Lampard as rather different.

        Like every other Chelsea fan this side of the Andromeda galaxy I see Lampard as still a fabulous player who should be at Chelsea for the foreseeable future. Just as you lot see Gerrard. He showed yesterday what he can still do, as you mention. And the stats the Sky commentators came out with were interesting: we've won something like 12 of 13 matches Lampard has played in this season, the other being drawn, but won virtually none of the matches he hasn't played.

        Drogba I see rather differently. Yes, on his day last season he was tremendously important, particularly in the later cup knockouts. But he hadn't done terribly much during the league season, or the season before. His last great season for us was really the 09-10 season. He is close to the end of his top-class career and if it wasn't time to move on at the end of last season it would be this season. I think the cup final and the CL final were his last hurrah, a fitting end to his Chelsea time. He gave us some great memories and contributed goals to lots of trophies. He has been one of the most important four players of our most successful decade.

        Likewise Cole and Terry. Cole looks like having some good seasons left in him and I think Chelsea should make serious efforts to keep him on. Terry, however, I think is coming to the end of his playing days. I don't see him continuing in the centre of our defence for another few seasons. While he still has great leadership qualities in the team, I think Ivanovic and Cahill are rapidly going to become the two first choices for the centre-back positions, with Luiz a stand-in when needed.

        Of course, if Lampard and Cole want to leave there is nothing we can do. I'd be very surprised if they wanted to leave for another English club. I could imagine them going to Madrid or some other foreign adventure.


    • Sky gives money to all clubs in the EPL..