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  • James James Dec 30, 2012 18:56 Flag

    "Rodgers has pitied this wonderful club. No more!"

    "Rodgers is a dreadful manager."

    Why do us fans of LFC, this great club kid ourselves, how everyone says 'Keep the faith' online the website, it is pathetic.
    My theory is that he is just trying to support Swansea. He makes us win games so it helps Swansea and we lose the ones that Swansea don't care about, and won't get worried by as Swansea fail. He put our worst players on against them in our Capital One Cup. I may be talking rubbish, but this is a possibility I have considered.

    Rodgers makes excuse after excuse, before and after every game, too much talk, less action. He tries to sound like the hard man, the man of talk. Did he do any of this rubbish with Swansea? No! He said before the QPR game on the site,
    'Cisse could be a huge threat to us this Game,' and so on, lardy dar... Cisse is not a great player.

    Benitez said he wants to go back to LFC, I hope this happens, but, FSG will just say Brendan is perfect for us because me beat pathetic QPR. OUT with FSG and BRENDAN RODGERS!

    Don't say you don't agree, you do really. TO ALL OUR FANS, restore our greatness that we once had. Have a happy new year lads, support our players. I lost faith in Rodgers.

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