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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Dec 30, 2012 21:58 Flag

    Dare we be cautiously optimistic?

    Can you tell me the last time we won then lost two in a row? I can't remember under BR when we lost two on the trot , let alone it being the usual, but maybe my memory is failing.

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    • Ok then in December we:

      Won. won, lost, won, lost, won.

      The defeats were against weak teams whom we should've beat.
      I maintain though when we seem to be progressing and get 3 points.. we then lose them in the following match. ie 15th December against Villa.. We lost 1- 3.. yet when Villa came up against Chelsea they lost 8 - 0!! Which shows the huge gulf in class between ourselves and Chelsea.

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      • Only an idiot would describe stoke as a 'weak' team

      • So in fact my memory is not as bad as I feared, we've not lost 2 on the trot, so your assertion that we win one, then lose two is wrong.

        As for the gap between us and Chelsea you’re absolutely correct in my mind, there is quite a gulf between the two sides. But that gap has been there for a number of seasons now, and considering the money spent by the Blues this past summer compared to us, did you realistically think the power of a single manager; any manager could make up that gap?

        Expectations my friend, I think that is what you need to consider. I've been accused of being too much of an optimist on this board in the past, and to be honest I'm guilty as charged, I always try to find the silver lining. But I also try to be as realistic as possible, and right now to compare ourselves with Chelsea let alone the two Manc clubs as you've done recently and expect us to be punching at their weight is just unrealistic.

        My hope is to get back into the top 4 within the next couple seasons, and to do that we have to be as good as or better than the likes of Spurs and Arsenal, but realistically we need to be chipping away at the gap that already exists between those London clubs and ourselves. Whether BR can do that remains to be seen, but that is how I think we should be measuring BR, not some unrealistic target the best manager in football (whoever that is) could not reach, even if he had resources well beyond what we can offer.

        Happy New Year to you sofa, but just for consideration, as a New Year’s resolution, maybe keeping your feet on the ground might be something to consider.