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  • Miguel Miguel Dec 31, 2012 15:49 Flag

    who armchair really supports?

    It´s said to be cruel to mock the afflicted and, in Armchair´s case, this is true! So, a word in his defence.

    Far as I can see he is, like me, an aging true red LFC supporter who still basks in the memories of the great days of yore when we were winning titles and trophies for fun.

    In those glory days there were of course no Sheiks or Russians around piling billions into the game. Today, the game is different as all of us have realised - but not Armchair it seems! He fails to make the connection between the Liverpool of the First Division days and the Liverpool that try to compete today on what is patently not a level playing field.

    Hence his childlike belief and constant suggestions that we "should be like Chelsea and Man City" - in other words, have owners who buy success and with players on 200k a week coming out of our ears. Regards his complaints about Brendan, I think he expects him to deliver weekly miracles in the way of management which ain´t possible given the resources we currently (don´t) have!

    So, give poor old Armchair credit for his support past and present, pity his frustrations and criticise his sanity if you like but not his loyalty - that´s a step too far to be fair!

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    • I'm with you on this Miguel. At times Armchair worrys me a bit, asking 2 questions at once, answering himself and then expressing diverging opinions in the next post,he may seem a bit demented with frustration at times but his hearts in the right place, an old time Liverpool supporter through and through. Too often these days this Board seems to be populated with lippy knowall kids, smart-ar@ed Yanks and the occasional gob@hite escapee from Evertomb, Chelski or Manspew and Armchair comes across like a breath of freshair.Keep it up Armchair say what you like and dont be intimidated. And a Happy New Year to yez all.

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      • Ron I say what I say because it comes from the heart.. it really does frustrate me, when we seem to be on the beginnings of a good run in the league only to give it away needlessly.

        The way I see it the buck stops with the manager.. he has to motivate the players to win.. If he's unable to then I question is abilities to manage our beloved club.. and is he the man to take us forward or yet is he an intrim manager until we get someone better?

        Happy New Year all..

        Lets hope it's a good year for us all and a great year for LFC..

    • Thanks Miguel.. Yes I am a LFC fan.. If others decide otherwise thats up to them.. However yes I do expect much from LFC and maybe yes I am expecting us to be right up there competing like we used to..

      I also do question the owners we have had in recent seasons.. As the game now is ran by the money men. If you're lucky enough to be ran by a sheik or some other person who appears to have a bottomless pit of money and is able to buy in the top players.. It's rather galling as a LFc fan that we're not able to match that, and never will unless we had owners with similar resoaurces then we'd be back "on a level playing field".