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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 1, 2013 20:49 Flag

    Gerrard's lost the plot, time to go too..?

    Jason , Jason , you do love to play the devil's advocate my friend. Now prepare yourself to withstand all the slings and arrows of the suicidal half-committed.

    A win over Sunderland and onward ho. 8th place with a win. Patience shall be rewarded.

    Regarding patience.....the ancient philosopher Confucius had a saying......If you wait long enough by the riverbank the body of your enemy will float by. Ah-so.

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    • Not like it's the first time, nor the last..

      Sadly, I don't think the apple is too far from the tree, based on so much negativity and criticism.. Which, anyone and everyone is entitled to of course..


      If the manager is going to be slated and even "ousted" from his job, for certain comments/demeanor, then surely if one is going to be consistent, the captain of the club has to be held to that same standard.. Isn't that fair? And, if so, Gerrard is wrong and needs to go too..

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      • I know you're being deliberately provocative but in answer to your last question, no, that's not fair. The manager's job gets done with his brain driving his mouth, the captain's job gets done with his brain driving his feet. Getting a footballer to make anodyne supportive comments on the website is nothing like the question of whether the manager is doing his job properly. Gerrard's comments are simply space filler, and just show he has learnt how to do PR in his time with you.