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  • Jason Jason Jan 1, 2013 22:48 Flag

    Gerrard's lost the plot, time to go too..?

    Not like it's the first time, nor the last..

    Sadly, I don't think the apple is too far from the tree, based on so much negativity and criticism.. Which, anyone and everyone is entitled to of course..


    If the manager is going to be slated and even "ousted" from his job, for certain comments/demeanor, then surely if one is going to be consistent, the captain of the club has to be held to that same standard.. Isn't that fair? And, if so, Gerrard is wrong and needs to go too..

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    • I know you're being deliberately provocative but in answer to your last question, no, that's not fair. The manager's job gets done with his brain driving his mouth, the captain's job gets done with his brain driving his feet. Getting a footballer to make anodyne supportive comments on the website is nothing like the question of whether the manager is doing his job properly. Gerrard's comments are simply space filler, and just show he has learnt how to do PR in his time with you.


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      • Obviously you both, and everyone else, barring a few, know exactly where I'm going with this, and that said, it's an overall premise or generality of a bigger picture here..

        Now, this part doesn't necessarily affect it much, but I didn't realize that Gerrard himself did the interview w/ LFC, or just the comments were posted by LFC on the site. Why it could matter is, if it were to another media outlet, where I had read it, he could have given a different answer than he did. He'd most likely had said something along these lines, perhaps not so rosey, and there is an outside chance he'd been in a mood or whatever, and didn't say something so obliging.. But, yes, of course it's good PR and space filler in either instance, though, I've seen numerous times on tv here, where he's not been in any sort of mood to talk to a reporter, and he actually comes across as one of the least friendly LFC players I've known, and many footballers in general. He just doesn't seem to like the bother, whereas some do and are very "camera friendly"..

        End of the day, with the whole painted picture here nearly every day, or every result, oddly, both WINS and loss (or draw), I don't think it's a terribly unfair question for people to hold the same standards.. Afterall, I think we all recall my similar post with "Shut Up Agger" and he said "we played them off the park" (Spurs, in 2-1 defeat, down 0-2) and that was scrutinized as if it were Rodgers saying it, and in that instance there was some debate and it was a "fair question". How could Agger say LFC played Spurs off the pitch, when they were down 2-0 very early, and for a long period? We all had that debate, and this isn't so much different, just talking about the entire project at hand..

        I think for me, and maybe this is me personally, though many sports fans like myself including my best of friends, put our own players for our own favorite sports teams here on the rack far more than we do the head coaches or managers.. Again, it could just be a cultural difference, but I have a very strong belief that players do not get nearly enough scrutiny, or judgement placed on them as the managers do..

        Fail Madrid have the highest paid squad in the history of Europe, and have created and broken their own record, of richest squad in the history of UEFA to not win the Champions League 3 years running.. this year will be 4. Jose' is one of the greatest managers in the world, they are also 16 pts off Barca in La Liga, and a danger to not finish top 3.. Is that Jose's fault, his players, or both? For me, that squad is so ridiculously good that a blind person should be able to coach them to trophies..