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  • Robert M Robert M Jan 3, 2013 08:15 Flag

    Cole having West Ham medical

    You won't be saving 100k a week if you are subsidising his wages at West Ham, which seems very likely. Everyone knows he isn't worth a fraction of that now. Allardyce and the West Ham owners may be many things. But fools they aren't.


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    • The rest of his contract is worth £7.8m and hes been handed £3m to leave, good move for both and West Ham should get him on around £40-50k a week. I say 'good move', I dont mean in general but as far as Brendan is concerned, thats nearly £4m that could be spent on players who can actually contribute aka Tom Ince

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      • I'm glad we've managed to ship him on. He hasn't really contributed much and in no way provided anywhere near the value you expect from a player earning £20m! Sadly again the fact that we've had to pay £3m - £4m to actually get him moved on is another demonstration of the bad business the club has doen in the not so distant past.

        But at least we can say that it's another step forward now.

        The Sahin thing sounds interesting. It seems that Rodgers has decided that he is a player that isn't making the required impact or level. At least it is a loan but and not a deal we'll be paying through the nose for several years.