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  • Loki Loki Jan 2, 2013 19:52 Flag

    Cole having West Ham medical

    That's another piece of driftwood out of the club - good. They must've paid him off but it means 100k less a week coming out of the coffers. If we get Ince as well, then we've got two young attackers for less cost than a non-playing has-been while at the same time improving the squad. I like the way things are going at last!

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    • You won't be saving 100k a week if you are subsidising his wages at West Ham, which seems very likely. Everyone knows he isn't worth a fraction of that now. Allardyce and the West Ham owners may be many things. But fools they aren't.


    • Loki,

      I need to/have to find this article I had read about some of the Liverpool transfers in recent years (not this) and regards to Cole.. The financial impact he alone had on the club was absolutely staggering, and will make people's eyes pop out, especially when critical of buying 10-12M players now, rather than the 40M Cavani's of the world..

      I will never be so happy to see the backside of him, and from news over here, he's still making it very difficult for us, demanding several million in payment to accept a move away since nobody will give him the wages he wants (WHU/QPR)

      Stateside is suggesting Tom Ince has discussed personal terms, but the clubs are still squabbling over 2M to hash it out.. I really like and want him.

      It was said that Gameiro of PSG was the plan if Sturridge didn't pan out, but with doubts over Ince, they're still talking loan. He's a very fast, pacey striker who can play wide.

      Sad rumors that Coates may go on loan, perhaps to be made a sale at some point, with a French defender said.. Mirin I think..

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      • If memory serves me right, I am sure the daily telegraph had something on the financials at the club, have a look in their archives. With regards to cole, we should tell him if he doesn't go, he doesn't need to report to the club in any capacity and he's not permitted to train with anyone else. Then we'll see how m h he wants to play football. The money we've spooed into the toilet makes me shudder!

    • Now we need to clear rhe rest of the "driftwood"..

    • I somehow doubt he'll be on a £100k at West Ham? If he is then then they've more money than sense.