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  • Layla Layla Jan 2, 2013 22:37 Flag

    benitez at it again! nothing new.

    I didn't say that loki. but the commen sense & logic thing was to play your best player.

    the only defence is to give mata a rest. but he could have done that for the cup game at the weekend.

    by your logic, its ok for Rodgers to drop suarez for every match against a team that aren't as good as u.

    so if he drops suarez against say reading & u don't win.
    u think that's fine because your players are still better than readings even without suarez.

    of course u blame the players too for under performing.
    but that doesn't excuse a dumb decision from the manager to leave out their best player for no good reason!

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    • Never under-estimate your opponent! Make sure you have the key players to get the job done early, and ease off afterwards. The team you pick sends a message to your opponent...and your own team too....its going to be a cake-walk lads... I reckon that tonight Rafa blew his chance to move from interim temporary manager to perminant manager in 90 minutes flat.

    • Hi SB

      I agree with Loki on this.

      Sooner or later you have to rest your best players (virtually every manager does). You say he could rest him in the FA cup but you don't know the state on Mata after three games in quick succession. He may have looked knackered in training.

      Chelsea without Mata should have been enough to beat QPR at home so you have to look at the performance of the players who were there (and the performance of the manager in preparing those players) in my opinion.

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      • Everybody on the board knows Im no fan of Benitez and defo DONT want him back but if I were a Chelski fan Id have the tendency to give him the benefit of the doubt on his selected 11 starters for QPR game....BUT....REMEMBER as with Real Estate transactions its always LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION with Benitez its in the end always...ROTATION ROTATION ROTATION seemingly at times with hiom fopr the sake of itand with the depth and strength of the squad at Chelski hes going to keep doing it so they better get used to it there at The Bridge cos he aint gonna change his ways. Hes far too stubborn to expect that to happen.

    • Thank you so much for explaining to me in a dull, monotonous, banal tedious manner how 'my' logic serves me.

      If you want to vent about the Chelsea manager, then do it on the Chelsea board instead of boring the pants off everybody here. There was zero point to your thread.

      Ps. How do you know Mata is going to play in the FA Cup?

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      • Rather an uncharitable post there Loki.I thought SB made an interesting point 'cos Rafa used to be our Manager and ,if you can believe newspapers, he'd like to be so again AND he still commands a good respect among many Liverpool supporters.His team selection to play QPR tonight reminded me of a few times he sent out teams for us selected in accordance with a similar mindset. My feelings about the Chelsea team and result tonight was..."been there, done that, seen that".........Verdad?

      • wow, u get moody & mean over nothing don't u.

        u could just not read threads on benitez rather than reading them & whinging about it.

        what u up to tomorrow? watching corrie? u hate it but u choose to watch it so u can whinge about it.

        I didn't say mata would or wouldn't play in the cup game.

        I was saying if mata needed a rest than surely he could have just rested him for the cup game.

        ps. I love the way u ignore the way u ignore that u have no real defence of rafa! your defence got pulled apart very quick.