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  • Jason Jason Jan 3, 2013 01:18 Flag

    benitez at it again! nothing new.

    I think Ron's comment, been there, seen that, done that, basically sums it up..

    I was watching Liverpool, but flipped here and there, catching some commentary, and while I forget the two calling the Chelsea match, I happened to text these comments to a friend who couldn't see it:
    "Harry Redknapp will feel as if Rafa has given him a belated gift with his team sheet today". "He's made a massive boo-boo, Rafa has"

    Additionally, Chelsea are the superior team, but it wasn't just Mata left out, it was Eden Hazard, Ashley Cole, and one of their best players in 2012, Ramires.

    Looking at Fergie's lineup at Wigan, after what happened last time, and looking at that team today, speaks volumes about how you approach your opposition, and what can happen any day in the EPL ..