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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jan 3, 2013 21:39 Flag

    benitez at it again! nothing new.

    I tend to agree, one man's rotation is another’s smart squad management. Maybe Rafa blew it, maybe the players did. Maybe Mata would have made the difference maybe not, but to be honest not sure I really care. Net, net it means we're 7 points off 4th rather than 10, so we should be happy whether we supported Rafa in the past or not.

    But while I only saw extended highlights, one piece of commentary that did stick with me was not so much the poor team selection, but the fact Chelsea did not, or could not move QPR's back line around in order to create openings, and so for the most part settled for shots from outside the box. Whether it’s only Mata on the Chelsea squad that can unlock a defense I don't know, but suspect Robert or others who watch the Blues more than me will tell me they've got a number of creative players capable of opening up defenses, many of whom were on the park last night.

    On a side note a number of people said a while ago that the fact Chelsea tore Villa apart while we dropped 3 points to them was a sign of how bad we were. Well the fact we tore QPR apart, but Chelsea dropped points, does the reverse now ring true? Or maybe we should not read too much into any single result, whether it’s a Chelsea win or loss, or a loss or win from our own lads!