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  • Layla Layla Jan 2, 2013 21:39 Flag

    benitez at it again! nothing new.

    same old rafa. trying to be too clever for his own good.

    he madly drops chelsea's best player this season (mata).

    shock horror, they don't play as well without him & lose at home to QPR.

    some managers over complicate things & try to be too clever for their own good.
    AVB has done it a few times too for us.

    nice of rafa to give harry a late xmas gift in the way of a team sheet.

    what makes it worse is that their next game is an fa cup match. if he felt mata needed a rest, he could have rested him for that match.
    Southampton have already said they are going to play a 2nd team for it anyway!

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    • Yes, it wasn't the best team we could have played, without Mata, Hazard, Cole and Ramires. We have to have some rotation, having played a huge number of games in the last couple of months, but maybe this was taking it too far. I disagree about the FA Cup. We take that competition seriously and will want to win it again this year if we can.

      I only saw the first half. I thought we were poor and didn't create much. Rubbish shots from thirty yards into row Z. But we were still much the better team and with a bit of luck could have been 2-0 up at halftime. Then it seems in the second half we had probably a good goal disallowed and hit the woodwork and were undone by a moment of brilliance. Well done, Shaunie, we still love you.

      Put it down to the team selection and an off night after a heavy fixture load and a hangover after the Everton game and a bit of bad luck. It's disappointing for a Chelsea fan but it's better to have beaten Everton and lost to QPR, which I expected us to have done, than the other way round.


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      • Does anyone realise how many games CFC have played this season? Torres has played 33 games already, Mata despite wanting to play every week, is not fit enough to do so. They played a fierce match at Goodison 48hrs before. This is weak to blame on Rafa, the players coming in arent exactly youth squad. Marin should have been sent off but then went on to have a very exciting and influencial game, Moses has a case for starting every week, Oscar is a wonderful player and Bertrand is potentialy Englands future at left back.

        They battered Qpr and should have won comfortably, the manager cant make them miss sitters or inspire Cesar. It reminded me of how we walloped Spurs in Harry's first season and they robbed a win out of nowhere.

      • Welcome to Rafa Land Robert.. where Rafa rotates for the sake of it..

    • Just a s*h*i*t lucky manager

    • Yeah coz Chelsea without Mata are not as good as QPR are they? Blame the players for that one I'm afraid.

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      • I didn't say that loki. but the commen sense & logic thing was to play your best player.

        the only defence is to give mata a rest. but he could have done that for the cup game at the weekend.

        by your logic, its ok for Rodgers to drop suarez for every match against a team that aren't as good as u.

        so if he drops suarez against say reading & u don't win.
        u think that's fine because your players are still better than readings even without suarez.

        of course u blame the players too for under performing.
        but that doesn't excuse a dumb decision from the manager to leave out their best player for no good reason!

    • Hi again SB

      "tinkerman is back. & how he use to do at Liverpool a lot"

      I remember that criticism of Rafa in the season we finished 2nd. I also remember looking at the actual stats (rather than listening to lazy commentators) which proved that Sir Alex swapped more players in the Utd side that season.

      It's the same thing with how SAF is " the master" at mind-games - these things are all relative to the strength and quality of the players you have assembled.

      If Utd rest players they have great quality coming in. If Liverpool rest players, less so.

      In this case, you'd think that Chelsea had enough to beat QPR without Mata.

      Ask yourself this - before the game started (and without Mata) would you honestly say that you expected Chelsea not to win the game?.

      In any case - Happy New Year SB. Always welcome on here as far as I'm concerned.

    • I think Ron's comment, been there, seen that, done that, basically sums it up..

      I was watching Liverpool, but flipped here and there, catching some commentary, and while I forget the two calling the Chelsea match, I happened to text these comments to a friend who couldn't see it:
      "Harry Redknapp will feel as if Rafa has given him a belated gift with his team sheet today". "He's made a massive boo-boo, Rafa has"

      Additionally, Chelsea are the superior team, but it wasn't just Mata left out, it was Eden Hazard, Ashley Cole, and one of their best players in 2012, Ramires.

      Looking at Fergie's lineup at Wigan, after what happened last time, and looking at that team today, speaks volumes about how you approach your opposition, and what can happen any day in the EPL ..

    • If you cant rest a player against bottom place QPR (with only one win to their name) at home then you will NEVER rest him.

      Chelsea have Marin, Oscar, Moses, Hazard and Torres as replacements and fail to win and the person to blame is Rafa, really? I guess he is the first manager to rest a player. Sir Alex rested Van Persie against West Brom the other day (with Wayne Rooney absent), I guess he was cuckoo too.

      I can understand if we dont rest Suarez, its because we dont have good enough players to ensure us a victory and also for the simple reason that Luis would sulk the whole time anyway.

    • dsteer...Dave agree with u post.Chelski thrash Villa at The Bridge 8.0 we lose at home to the same line up 1.3 Chelski lose to QPR a team with only one win this season and theylose at home. What does it mean ? Think it means that on the day any team can beat any other team in The Prem , there are no easy games and those who think their are will likely get beat the day of that "easy-game"
      However in order to play the "rotation" gig the way Benitez likes to u must have real depth and strength in the squad Chelski imo have but I do feel Benitez will rotate just for the sake of it and I will always believe that his "hold-position" safety first tactics along with his idea of "rotation" cost us the title that yr we ended up runners up to UniTURD...just too many home draws. I have no dislike whatsoever for Rafael Benitez the man in fact I think he merits our respect for his donations to the Justice for the 96 campaign and the large donation he made to the family of the little boy who was an Everton fan who was killed. Of course I dont wish him any luck atall at Chelski and certainly no matter where we end up at seasons end I defo DONT want him back as our manager ...ever. but u already know that. Happy New Year ...YNWA

    • Hi Dave

      On your final para I agree. You shouldn't read anything into one-off results. It's over a period of games that you should be judged (Jason argues for a full season which seems fair to me although I maintain that you need to give a manager two seasons on the whole).

      The 2nd half of this season will prove very interesting. The next immediate challenge is whether we can prove as effective at creating chances & keeping clean sheets when we come up against better midfields - time will tell.

    • I tend to agree, one man's rotation is another’s smart squad management. Maybe Rafa blew it, maybe the players did. Maybe Mata would have made the difference maybe not, but to be honest not sure I really care. Net, net it means we're 7 points off 4th rather than 10, so we should be happy whether we supported Rafa in the past or not.

      But while I only saw extended highlights, one piece of commentary that did stick with me was not so much the poor team selection, but the fact Chelsea did not, or could not move QPR's back line around in order to create openings, and so for the most part settled for shots from outside the box. Whether it’s only Mata on the Chelsea squad that can unlock a defense I don't know, but suspect Robert or others who watch the Blues more than me will tell me they've got a number of creative players capable of opening up defenses, many of whom were on the park last night.

      On a side note a number of people said a while ago that the fact Chelsea tore Villa apart while we dropped 3 points to them was a sign of how bad we were. Well the fact we tore QPR apart, but Chelsea dropped points, does the reverse now ring true? Or maybe we should not read too much into any single result, whether it’s a Chelsea win or loss, or a loss or win from our own lads!