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  • Hobitez Hobitez Jan 3, 2013 09:08 Flag

    Team to face Mansfield?

    I forgot we had even drew them in this round! Probably as good a time as any to make a few changes. Assaidi is of to ACON now so isnt in contention.


    Subs: Reina, Skrtel, Robinson, Lucas, Sterling, Gerrard, Henderson

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    • I'm just wondering if some of the rumors are true over here about Coates. I've heard and read it now, both a loan and potentially a final move away. He's clearly very talented, but doesn't get enough time and maybe isn't perfect for the prem.. Hard to tell, but either way, he obv won't go without one in, like this French kid.. Dunno..

      Also, oddly enough, with Assaidi gone for African Cup, who doesn't play anyways, and Cole just for 2 names to put down it makes the bench, and overall squad seem so thin, despite their lack of contribution. Wondering if Morgan, Yesil, Adorjan or Sinclair might get a call up..


      Reina, Skrtel, Suarez, Henderson, Sterling, Gerrard, Glen

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      • I really got the impression that BR plans to play Suarez in every game from now on, his 'likening of him to Messi' was really a reference to how Messi plays every game despite the rest of the squad being rotated, he seems at his best when the games are coming thick and fast.

        There is lots of Coates rumours over here, again its a player that doesnt get talked about on the website. I see no reason why he shouldnt excell in the league, he is big, strong and good in the air, in fact, he suits the Everton/Stoke games more then anyone else. I think BR has a plan for someone else which is a shame as I really like him.

        Talk here is that QPR had a loan bid for Coates rejected, i'm not sure if that is due to LFC wanting a permanent deal or whether we want the cover. Agger being freakishly reliable this season as well as a bit of Carra love combined with the Wisdom emergence has kinda killed him off.

    • I'd swap Sturridge & Suarez around.. and put him in the central role..

    • Anyone who has any kind of historical hamstring or calf problem shouldnt play on that pitch!

    • Good to see Sturridge will get his first start in today's game..

      We'll see what he can do. Or more importantly what he can do for us..

      Comon Dan..