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    With the arrival of Sturridge we'll do much better I'm sure.

    He can play wide left or wide right in the forward line.. so it'll not affect Suarez who can remain in the centre.

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    • I have a big concern over Sturridge.....He has just been added to the online squads for FIFA 13 and despite using him regularly he just seems a bit rubbish, Assaidi is quality though. This clearly shows that something is wrong. Also, Borini is really good on it, it is confusing as clearly FIFA is the most important way of judging any player at anytime.


    • Dema Ba scores 5 goals on his debut.. I bloody hope we get a similar return with Sturridge..

      Or else I'll be thinking we screwed up in the transfer market again and got the wrong player.

    • I'll agree with you that the championship is as physical as anything in the prem but the speed of play that comes from technically more gifted players is on a different level. It's not just the speed of play but the speed of thought that is required to succeed.

    • Dave...think this thing with Borini is odd ...why should Sturridge be more acclimatized to the playing styel Borini was with Swansea and BR all last season on loan from Roma ? The Championship NPOWER lEAGUE IS EVERY BIT AS HARD CUT AND THRUST AS tHE pREM INFACT FROM WHAT ive seen u can overall get even less time on the ball than in The Prem ? To be fair to Borini he has had injury problems and needed to get that sorted before returning and perhaps BR SHOULD HAVE KNOWN MORE ABOUT AN EX PLAYER OF HIS AS IT SEEMS HE WAS NURSING THIS INJURY WHEN HE ARRIVED AT aNFIELD AND IT GOT AGGRAVATED WHICH MIGHT EXPLAIN THE HESITANCY i SAW IN HIM..dont know...but if he comes back sometime inJan or early Feb hes going to have to do something to convince us hes the real deal...Im just not sure that he is. Agree with how u see Sturridge role though.

    • Fair enough, and see how you can get that from the story, although I took quite a different impression from the full interview rather than a quote pulled here or there for a story.


    • I actually think it could be a great signing, and does not require him to be a center forward to get the goals we are looking for.

      When I look at our attacking options, obviously Suarez is the main man, will remain up top, but be allowed to roam wherever he can find space.

      But then we have Sterling, who is willing to come inside, but is not yet a major goal threat; Downing, who looks more comfortable staying on the touch line swinging in dangerous balls; Suso who can play wide, but looks to me to be more of a second striker or play maker, and like Sterling has not yet looked like a real goal threat. Beyond that the other attacking options such as Shelvey, Gerrard or even Henderson are all attacking midfielders.

      Sturridge to me looks much more like our forgotten (and written off by some) man Borini, but maybe stronger and already acclimatized to the prem style of playing; Players who may line up wide, and are expected to work the flanks and their respective channels, but will also interchange with each other and the main striker to be a real threat in the box.

    • I think it might be apples and oranges to try and compare Ba with Sturridge, although it does seem sort of fun as it’s the same love triangle between us, Chelsea and Newcastle.

      But I see Ba as a more mobile and technically gifted version of Carroll. Yes a very good player, but not what is ideally suited player for our system that can play the ball on the deck and take up a position anywhere across the front 3. Ba looks great on his own up front, holding up the ball, and going directly on goal, but second half of last season faded badly when played wide to make room for Cisse. So for us to get the best out of him would force Suarez to play wide on a permanent basis.

      Chelsea are getting a player who is proven right now, and for a very good price, but with obvious risks that his knee could fail tomorrow. But as a backup for Torres might be ideal. While we are getting a much younger player who is capable of playing up front or on the flanks, but despite some fine displays under AVB and at Bolton is more potential than the finished article.

      But in addition to different players to fit different roles/systems they are two different players to fit into clubs with different needs based on their short term and medium term expectations. Chelsea are looking for a player to make them better right now to maybe not take a run at the title but improve their current standing, but more to have an impact in the cups. While we are looking for a player to improve the squad, which I think Sturridge does, but that will actually be around to make the squad better over the next 2-3 seasons, which only time can prove, but Sturridge might do.

    • Ba seems to come with a risk, yes. We've lost a fair number of player years to damaged knees in recent times.


    • Apologies Robert. You're right there. I was refering to the so called knee problems that Ba has. Not that they seem to hold him back any.

    • "we've got the younger player with no fitness isues "

      You have the younger player. But he has had a fair number of fitness issues.


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