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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jan 3, 2013 22:06 Flag

    Adam Morgan Loan

    The simple fact is Morgan was not going to get much playing time with us this season. He got some time in the group stages for Europa, but not likely to start now we are in the business end of that competition. The only way he's going to get a start is if Suarez goes down, and it seems right now Luis would play even if he was on crutches, so why not sent him out to get some playing time and experience.

    Adam is very young, and from watching him in pre-season and in his few minutes on the pitch this season is very raw. Runs his socks off, and plays with real drive and enthusiasm, but will only learn the finer points of the game by actually playing it.

    I might live to regret this statement if we get hit with major injuries, but to be honest I do think we have enough cover, or at least cover that I'd put in front of Morgan right now, with the likes of Sturridge, Borini coming back within a month or so, and Sterling. And, don't forget we've seen both Shelvey and Gerrard play that false number 9 role, so we do have options, just in case.

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    • I agree Dave.

      I like Adam a lot - I think he could develop into a top class centre forward. I was surprised when he wasn't picked for the West Ham game but bow to BR's view of him that he isn't quite ready yet.

      Of the two raw talents (him and Yesil) - I thought he looked more advanced in terms of readiness so maybe half a season playing lower down the leagues is just what he needs.

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      • I supposw that's the crux of it. hee needs playing time and a loan seems the best way forward.

        I'd forgotten about Borini's return in the future so players that have and can play in one of the advanced 3 positions we have:


        So there's options. Again the biggest problem is goals and at the moment Suarez is the only one scoring. More from elsewhere will release the burden / pressure.