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  • Colyn Colyn Jan 3, 2013 16:52 Flag

    Adam Morgan Loan

    Adam Morgan's going / gone on loan to Rotherham.

    Even with Sturridge arriving we were short of striking options. This hasn't halped that side of things much except you'd expect a bigger contribution from Sturridge.

    Still need more up there though.

    Peer into your crystal ball Jason and reveal what you see

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    • The simple fact is Morgan was not going to get much playing time with us this season. He got some time in the group stages for Europa, but not likely to start now we are in the business end of that competition. The only way he's going to get a start is if Suarez goes down, and it seems right now Luis would play even if he was on crutches, so why not sent him out to get some playing time and experience.

      Adam is very young, and from watching him in pre-season and in his few minutes on the pitch this season is very raw. Runs his socks off, and plays with real drive and enthusiasm, but will only learn the finer points of the game by actually playing it.

      I might live to regret this statement if we get hit with major injuries, but to be honest I do think we have enough cover, or at least cover that I'd put in front of Morgan right now, with the likes of Sturridge, Borini coming back within a month or so, and Sterling. And, don't forget we've seen both Shelvey and Gerrard play that false number 9 role, so we do have options, just in case.

    • its only for 1 month and is defo a good thing. Sturridge and Suaro are obviously ahead of him then Borini should return. Im pretty sure Pacheco will leave this month too but in all fairness, I would rather see Jonjo or Gerrard up top in an emergency. Hope he does well and nicks a few goals.

    • Arm hair - you have to be taking the p*ss - is there a reserve league? Yes, it's called the reserves!

      How is the club losing a players potential going on loan when we hold their registration?

      I tell you what here's some homework for you. Check out the reserves, the teams, the players, it's a simple click away. Then check out the loan system. 1000 words should be enough. Can you please send it to uninformed@twoshortplanks.com and I'll mark it for you.

    • You've just contradicted yourself. Just above you were criticising the club for sending him on loan as a repeat of the Carroll saga and now you're saying they should go on loan.

      I'm confused. The loan is the right thing, long term I think

    • We'd be foolish to have another repeat of the Carroll affair...and have no backup players,,

    • ...when you next in Liverppol, u OLD QUNT...........hahahahaha

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    • Noo Noo maybe I did contradict myself..only after I realsied what i said the first time around.

    • I don't think it is. We've already seen that Morgan hasn't been given much playing time thus far this season. Rodgers clearly doesn't think he's ready or good enough.

      Yesil is the interesting one for me. He comes with some pedigree. A solid fixture in the German U21 side (I think) and scores for fun at that level it seems. It would be good if his development good be accelerated.

    • My only concern is when loaning out players is the risk that we lose their potential talent.

      However loaning out players has been the system ever sisnce i was a kid and before.. to get players whom otherwise wouldn't get a game, unless it was opening rounds of the cup competitions and reserve games.

      Is their a league of some kind that these young players could play in? Some reserve league? Rather than ship them out of the club entirely?

    • If we want these young players ready then they need to be playing in the Championship, which gives them a taste of almost top flight football.. so that when they are ready to come back they just need a little polishing here and there.

      We should also have in their contracts for any loan period.. that they're LFC player and the hope is to bring them back into the 1st team.

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