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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jan 4, 2013 15:07 Flag

    Ince-ing Closer

    I've got no inside information, but reading between the lines I think the issue is more Blackpool's desire to stick to their guns and not give the player away. More power to them, selling on prospects will always be a key source of revenue for lower league sides, but it seems they've got a reputation for being very tough in negotiations. Anyone remember how long it took for Adam to come in, despite the player and us wanting the move.

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    • Here's the one thing that I'll say as a tid bit in regards to the signing, in this case Ince, once BR (through reading some things here) gives his 2 cents, it's Ayre's job 110% to go and get it done within paramaters that BR is ok with.. Yes, that sounds weird right, not the owners.. but here's why, I've heard there are 2-3 deals, clubwise - tv, endorsement, sponsorship etc., that are going to be secured in the summer, or announced. So with those funds, in addition to any profits, AND any money not spent, will allow Rodgers to have some serious flexibility to make some Kenny/Comolli type signings.. No, they won't be City/Chelsea/Madrid esque, but I'm sure he's excited to know, as well as us who believe in him, that he can perhaps spend 20M on a player, and not 20M on 3..

      Going back to the Ayre part.. he screwed up the Dempsey deal, and while I don't have the facts to tell anyone for certainty, he's getting a little too cute for his own good on Ince, because we have the 35% sell on clause no matter what, so if they want 6M, we essentially pay 4M.. If he's offering 4M, that's really 2M and it's insulting to Blackpool like Dave says, who have every right to play hard ball and 6M is a modest number esp when you hear a player (who may very well be more polished & better) like Zaha, quoted for 20M, and years past Oxlade (12?) etc..

      So, I think or very much hope it will get hashed out, and obviously if they were hoping for the FA Cup, it seems like that time frame has come and gone, but just get it done.. 18M (16 net) for a 23 year old, and a 20 year old, who are fast, quick, score goals and are considered both long term and present, is an ok job in January, when not having 45, 55, 60 to drop.. Especially when players like Downing, Henderson, Sterling, and even Suarez himself are vastly improving and helping produce end product..

      Ince seems to genuinely want to come, and having seen Sturridge join, knowing/seeing Sterling and Suso get their chances, obv knowing who Downing is, and the chance to compete to get in with Suarez and Stevie, and he still seems heart set... Please Mr. Ian Ayre, do the job..

      BR hinted at only 1 more player.. and my guess is it's Ince. Anyone else would be revolving around an out/in type thing, like the rumors on Coates loan, or Sahin back etc.. but that's all here say..