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    Ince-ing Closer

    I was really hoping to continue on this whole sudden wealth of "this side of the puddle" transfer news, has been fairly accurate and surprisingly informative, but it's going a bit quiet on the LFC front, so I figure I may as well get stuck in the gossip now..

    Out of the gates December, it was all Sturridge/Ince here, so 1 is done, and I think everything that's been said in public represents the truth on Ince, I'm hoping this is close as well..

    I personally really like him, and his form has been superb.. I think the 6M buy is a good deal completely irrelevant to having sold him for 250K. There was no guarantee, never is with youth..

    All of this said, this particular story worries me just a bit, since I know his dad is a pretty vocal guy, and seemed to have alot to do with him leaving, along with the obvious lack of playing time, so I hope that it's nothing we'll regret down the road..

    I'll have to defer to some of you, since I don't recall all of the specifics of him leaving aside from turning down the contract and wanting more regular time, but my memory keeps saying his father had some involvement..

    Interested on anyone's take or how they remember that, and if this would be a concern or not.. I doubt it would be an issue, but could you imagine Suarez, Sturridge, Ince and then Sterling all sulking like children (which 2 are) about playing time etc etc?

    I guess get it done, cross that bridge and let BR worry about that eh ?

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    • Jason there was a contract dispute, and his dad was a player and a manager so it would be natural for him to take some guidance on what to do.

      Like you said, it doesn't matter that he left, he is a more complete player now. If he is coming back, there's no doubt his dad will have given him yet more guidance on things. I reckon they look at Sterling, Suso, Wisdom and think 'I will get a chance to play there now.' they can see that things are different in terms of giving youth a chance, and there no doubt the club is on an upward curve, not that you would know it based on some of the drivel written on these boards!

    • When he was with us, we offered him a new contract but he wanted guarantees he would be in the 1st team squad (not the 1st xi), we couldnt give them too him so he left, fair enough, with his dads advice. Read the daily mail story, it seems his dad is now trying to force Blackpool to let him go to LFC this week! Agree, the buyback loss is irellevant as he would never have developed in the way he has by staying in our reserves.The good news is that we pay 40% less then anyone else.

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      • I've got no inside information, but reading between the lines I think the issue is more Blackpool's desire to stick to their guns and not give the player away. More power to them, selling on prospects will always be a key source of revenue for lower league sides, but it seems they've got a reputation for being very tough in negotiations. Anyone remember how long it took for Adam to come in, despite the player and us wanting the move.

      • we need mifield players who are fast enough to get up and support Suarez and sturridge, and to get back and help the defence as well. The midfield is where games are won or lost and we haven't had a strong midfield who can destroy teams, week in week out. YNWA

    • I was merely making the Blackpool connection as they tend to want more than he's actually worth.

    • However if Ince comes back to us and he's vastly improved as suggested then he could well be a regular starter.

    • And that comment, as a follow up to your fist comment is exactly what we, and BR is expecting, or he wouldn't be after the player..

      Charlie Adam was over priced, and limited, with one particular good trait. Tom Ince is only 20, with a handful of tremendous traits. Adam is going on 27 and playing for Stoke, not even a regular, and Ince has the rest of his life to improve on his wonderful form displayed at the moment, and there's even been stories saying United were interested in him..

      Anyone can flop, and anyone can flourish, so when not spending 40-50M, which still guarantees nothing, there's no reason to lump 2 completely different players together, esp when one is clearly worth his value and one was sold on for his value..

    • Just something else to consider, and I'm not suggesting this is holding up the Ince deal, but just another potential moving piece that needs to be managed under what we assume is a limited budget. That is whether we're in the market for a full back or not.

      With Jose out till late Feb I'm wondering if we might consider some cover. Johnson has been great, and for me having one of his best seasons at both right and left back, but I am a bit concerned we are a bit light after that. Wisdom has done fine filling in, but I'd not go beyond fine. He really does not push forward with real attacking flair the way Johnson and Enrique do, which has been a major part of our attacking prowess lately. Additionally while we commanded the game against Sunderland, there were a couple times he seemed out of position, with Skrtel having to cover.

      If god forbid Johnson goes down, that really only leaves Downing who is a makeshift full back and kiddies to fill in, which makes me a bit nervous. I know Agger or Cara could slot over, and we got a number of others who could maybe fill in on a pinch, but it seems to me the full back role is key to the BR system, and really allows the front wide men to pinch in and be a threat in the box, and allow the central 3 to really stay compact and dominate the midfield, so wondering if it’s something we're looking at.

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      • Dave...withthe injury to Enrique have to agre we are a bit light at the back but for this very reason ANY talk of LOANING out such as Coates should surely be quashed ? Agger can always drop deeper and relinquish his central role to Coates who imo has performed quite well when he has been given his opportunity...loved his knock down for our "winner" at Goodison from Louis
        Im not overly optimistic about Tom Ince being brought in maybe best to forget about it till end of season looks like it might be worth it to Blackpool to keep him and hope for a playoff slot end of reg season..more potential gain in PROMOTION for them than netting say 4 mill squid but you never know their Chairman Oyston is a greedy sod like his dad !

    • I don't want to jump the gun or give any false timelines, but, going off some news here, Liverpool and Blackpool have finally reached terms to meet each side's valuation, which looks like around 6M (maybe a bit more), and it does look like Tom Ince will be joining soon..

      I'd love to say 48 hours or 72 hours, but haven't seen or gotten that specific, so maybe within a week, hopefully sooner.

      Could be wrong all together, but, this one seemed likely all the time and only makes sense, especially since Blackpool could make a purchase, profit a little and not risk losing him for less..

      Fingers crossed that in fact it is just a formality of "being done"

    • Guess this splashes some water and really causes conflict with my previous post and the news that had been said in regards to this move earlier..

      As I initially asked, would his father be an issue for us or have some type of negative impact, out of concern having not remembered the whole story all together.. Seems like the answer was in fact yes.. Or, then again this could all be a smokescreen to chase away any other suitors where Utd have lurked quietly, and Swans mentioned recently.. At this point, just do it, or shut it down and move on. I'd much rather have him because I think he's got the goods and is so young, but not with excess baggage like this everytime he doesn't 90".. Or should I say everytime Paul doesn't get his way from the stands


    • Do you think Rodgers then is good enough of a manager to get players to go in for every ball and never give up.. Colin?

    • armchair...think I have to say for me the jury is still out on Rogers being the man to produce the kind of team spirit we are talking about here ...the creation of "hard-men" men committed to winning every loose or 50/50 ball...I would have tosay imo right now ...No ...BUT I remain in support of the manager as dont feel it fair to judge himtill he has completed a season with us.
      Have to add that for all the whinging on the board about the money Kenny "wasted" on "his" signings most seem to have finally come good. Im speaking of Hendo Downing and of course lets not forget a certain Mr Louis Suarez...what do u think the asking price would be for him today ?

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