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  • Jason Jason Jan 4, 2013 03:11 Flag

    Ince-ing Closer

    I was really hoping to continue on this whole sudden wealth of "this side of the puddle" transfer news, has been fairly accurate and surprisingly informative, but it's going a bit quiet on the LFC front, so I figure I may as well get stuck in the gossip now..

    Out of the gates December, it was all Sturridge/Ince here, so 1 is done, and I think everything that's been said in public represents the truth on Ince, I'm hoping this is close as well..

    I personally really like him, and his form has been superb.. I think the 6M buy is a good deal completely irrelevant to having sold him for 250K. There was no guarantee, never is with youth..

    All of this said, this particular story worries me just a bit, since I know his dad is a pretty vocal guy, and seemed to have alot to do with him leaving, along with the obvious lack of playing time, so I hope that it's nothing we'll regret down the road..

    I'll have to defer to some of you, since I don't recall all of the specifics of him leaving aside from turning down the contract and wanting more regular time, but my memory keeps saying his father had some involvement..

    Interested on anyone's take or how they remember that, and if this would be a concern or not.. I doubt it would be an issue, but could you imagine Suarez, Sturridge, Ince and then Sterling all sulking like children (which 2 are) about playing time etc etc?

    I guess get it done, cross that bridge and let BR worry about that eh ?

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    • Haha.. that actually produced a term I NEVER use "lol"

      But, Hobs, why put him in the reserves yet without proving himself? Shouldn't he go into the academy first, and then go out on loan to say Wrexham?

    • I hear what you're saying Colin and they are fair points for sure. At least you are willing to show some restraint unlike some who will be calling for his head tomorrow.

      The Shankly reminder I gave myself was kind of useful and I was able to draw some comparisons between the work that he faced on his first day as Liverpool manager and the task in front of Rodgers. Put simply they are / were both facd with having to build a club up to a whole new level. Agreed Rodgers is at an advantage as we're in the PL already and the LFC brand is well established. Shankly did not however have the financial constraints that Rodgers does.

      One comparison that struck home was the fact that after one game SHnakly had decided the squad wasn't good enough and basically put the whole team on the transfer list. All of those players were gone within 18 months I think. Does that sound familiar? The difference is that complete that level of player turnover in that timescale nowadays means you need Armchair level funding i.e the billionaire sheik that runs the corner shop down your road. It was a useful reminder to me anyway.

      Regarding tactics and willingness to change I'd say look at the Mansfield game where he took off Sturridge and Suso when things started to get a bit tense for us. You're right though the quality of player to play the short possesion game isn't quite there.

      Rather oddly that certain bloke Shankly insisted that players train on grass with a ball. None of this pounding the streets on long runs. Have we come full circle?

    • noo noo...understand what u are saying about the late great Mr Shankly...all Imsaying is I remain in support of our manager right now as I dont think he should be judged cetainly not until seasons end.. Kenny wasnt given a whole lot longer and in my opinion we were on the right track with him and his tactics whereas I think BR Iis looking more and more like a one trick pony where his tactics are concerned ...he doesnt seem able to modify them all we have is tici taca even we dont have the players to execute it well we shall just have to see where we are after Jan and this transfer window but think we need a midfield monster right now somebody who can put it about back there .

    • I can understand Paul's point here, there is not much point a player who is getting regular football, and developing his skills moving on unless he really is ready to get football at that higher level. Its the same argument some could level at Utd's chasing of Zaha who while might also be ready to play for a prem club is not likely to get much time on the pitch in the current Man U set up this season, hence the talk of him being bought by Utd, but quickly loaned back till the end of the season.

      But I think it also says something about Paul's opinion of his son’s ability. He does think Tom is ready for a prem club but not the likes of us, or Man U. So is he basically saying he's not ahead or likely to get games ahead of Sterling, Suso, or Downing? If he's not at least competing with them, I'm not sure we actually need him now. He might be a nice to have back in our stable, as the lad has shown great potential, but unless we can use him now, even as a squad player, we can also wait till the summer, and put whatever we were planning on spending toward another asset.

      So the question becomes is Paul right and we can wait, or do we think Paul has underestimated his son and therefore there is a need to bring him in now. Of course a third way would be to do a deal with him now, but loan him back (like Zaha) if we are at worried he could go somewhere else and this is our only or best chance to take a bite of the apple.

    • We should buy him and play him in the reserves for 2 to 3 years.

    • So lets assume we sign Ince.. does he become a benchwarmer? Or is he shoved in the reserves or is he just immediately loaned out?

    • The asking price for Suarez? I'd say around £40m at a guess..

    • Just prepare for all the blasphemy after the United game, where (unfortunately, hate to think like this) most likely, everyone at LFC aside from Suarez and Gerrard will need to be sacked..

      Good news is, Guardiola announced his plans to return! Surely we head the list..

    • Just prepare for all the blasphemy after the United game, where (unfortunately, hate to think like this) most likely, everyone at LFC aside from Suarez and Gerrard will need to be sacked..

      Good news is, Guardiola announced his plans to return! Surely we head the list..

    • Can I remind you guys that a certan Bill Shankly joined Liverpool in December 1959. Liverpool won the second division to gain promotion in 1961-62. So it took him 18 months!

      He didn't win the First Division Championship until 1963-64 either. Why didn't he win it in his first season? He actually didn't win any Championships between 1966 and 1972 either. I suppose he should have been sacked then.

      Oh but he built the club up from nowhere. Yes and give Rodgers the time to see if he can do the same. The big difference now is that money plays a much bigger part making the job even harder.

      Slightly contraversial perhaps but I'm just saying that I'll stick with what I'm seeing for the moment. It feels right to me.

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