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  • Colyn Colyn Jan 6, 2013 19:02 Flag

    You should be pleased...

    More embarrassed by the performance if I'm honest Robert. If Mansfield had won or drawn the game I'd have nothing to complain about.

    Some positives mind. Sturridge's goal and the fact the Rodgers did change things when Mansfield piled on the pressure at the beginning of the second half. Many would (including your current manager) would have sat on it for a while longer I suspect.

    Credit to Mansfield they more than highlighted the many weaknesses in our squad.

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    • Sturridge should have had at least 2, if more composed, Shelvey wasteful as well. So while it wasn't, it should have been 3/4-0 and out of sight.. It's not a game of what if, so credit to Mansfield, we clearly were uncomfortable with direct football again, and I'm confident if Reina had been playing it would have been 2-2 or a loss, but it's over and done with..


      "I'd like to give the benefit of the doubt and say it was a reaction, he's a goalscorer and I think goalscorers put the ball in the net anyway."

      "No I don't. For me to come out and say something like that I think would be quite cheap. If it had gone in the other end and one of our players had done it I think we'd have accepted it,"

      For the record, it was blatant and I don't condone it. Cox handled and spoke far classier than I would have, but is he saying anything further from the truth when saying if it were his side?

      Since you follow LFC more than some people here, this should be easy.. Could you cite the last specific example of a Liverpool win as the result of Suarez cheating Bob?

      - Sunderland 3-0, 2 goals..?
      - QPR 3-0, 2 goals.. ?
      - Fulham 4-0, 1 goal.. ?
      - WHU dnp 3-2 .. ?
      - Udinese did not score, 1-0..?
      - Southampton did not score, 1-0.. ?

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      • Sturridge's history at Chelsea was always for every one he put in there were half a dozen that you felt he should have done better with. When he first came he missed chance after golden chance and it was very frustrating. That seemed to be about confidence. He was quite frustrating more recently too when confidence didn't seem the issue. The last game I remember him in was the league cup game against United that we won 5-4. He scored a nice goal in that but his celebrations obviously showed he wasn't embarrassed about all the earlier misses which could have wrapped up the match.

        He seemed to do well at Bolton but I don't know if his hit rate was better there. Time will tell with you. If you can give him through balls like the one today he'll probably do rather well. (you'd think Torres would too.)

        As for your last bit I have no idea. Of course, it's a non-sequitur. My point was something else.


      • so you dont remember the goofyqunt trying to score with his hand at southampton.....................and getting booked for it

        YOu are the cheating qunt...........pr1ck

    • Noo Noo...have to agree with u 100% ...Mansfield merited at least a draw ...Actually I thought our performance was shocking and yet again for me highlites the factthat BR just doesnt realize we havent the personnel to play Barca style tici taca and its nonesense to think we have. Mansfields direct approach in the first 10/15 mins of the 2nd half was almost our undoing and it was such a contrast to our own style of backwards sideways back sideways there direct ball always moving...FORWARD ! I mean The Bluenoses scored 5 at Cheltenham...therejust isnt any excuse and BR should fess up to that...for me I have no further confidence in his tactics frankly I dont even find his version of tici taca that attractive or entertaining being used to a weekly diet of Barca playing it it just looks to me 3rd rate.
      Im not calling for BRs head and believe he should be judged at the end of the season notnow and I will remain in support of the manage but frankly I think the man needs to perhaps look at just whats going wrong and not make the excuse we didnt field a strong starting 11 ...hes starting to look tactically like a one trick pony to me and if thats the case every manager in the Prem has him well sussed.r