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  • Robert M Robert M Jan 9, 2013 12:52 Flag

    You should be pleased...

    Oh dear, post character limits...

    "cheating is cheating"

    To me there are different grades of cheating on the football pitch, as everywhere else in life.

    "It hasn't happened that I recollect"

    I didn't phrase it the best way but I was trying to say it hasn't happened that I recollect Chelsea winning a game through cheating, as I have characterised this case.

    "I can't remember you starting a similar thread on the Utd board after Wellback took a dive last year to "win" a penalty against Liverpool?"

    I have certainly taken part in heated discussions on the United board about their players cheating. I think it was Dalglish's first match in charge you lost in the cup at United with Gerrard sent off and Berbatov diving for a penalty. I was fully on the Liverpool side in that argument. If you are really thinking I am always anti-Liverpool you are simply wrong.

    "I can't remember you starting a similar thread on the Spurs board after Bale took a dive at Anfield last year?"

    And? I don’t post on the Spurs board. I have posted elsewhere about Bale diving. I think it was on the Arsenal one.

    "Singling out Liverpool & Suarez."

    The funny thing is what prompted me to start the thread was Sturridge. I found it noteworthy that he scored for you after only 7 minutes and intended to say something about it. After seeing the news with the goals I couldn't resist mentioning Suarez too. I was genuinely annoyed by it. But had Sturridge not scored, or I hadn't seen the news, history would have taken a different course..