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  • Robert M Robert M Jan 7, 2013 20:17 Flag

    You should be pleased...


    Okay, let me start by conceding something. When I said "it's almost certainly Suarez" I was exaggerating. I would have thought it was probably obvious hyperbole. But I don't think it's hyperbole to say that when there is something controversial going around LFC it's almost certainly Suarez at the centre of it. Or very likely. Or out of all proportion. And yes, similarly at Chelsea with JT.

    When I skim read the ED article I thought it was saying that Suarez is being unfairly held to a different standard. I don't think he is and I don't think he should be. if that wasn't what ED was saying then we've had crossed wires.

    I think Suarez cheated. There is more doubt in my mind now than there was when I started the thread because I have now seen it from more camera angles. If I started the thread now I might phrase it a little more carefully. But I still think his hand controlled the ball. You can think otherwise. Either way the goal shouldn't have been given. And i think it should be embarrassing to beat non-league opposition in the cup with such a goal.

    I think you're making too much in your fourth and fifth tier argument. I think I'm expressing sentiments that the Kop would agree with, that the more divisions down a club comes from the more generously you treat them. I think the Kop would be embarrassed by beating a non league team with such a goal. Didn't you play a team like Hayes&Harlington or something a few years ago and beat them 5-2? Didn't the Kop give them a huge ovation at the end? That's how it should be. Everyone wins.