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  • Robert M Robert M Jan 6, 2013 18:16 Flag

    You should be pleased...

    ...that Sturridge scored so quickly for you.

    And embarrassed to beat a non-league club with yet another bit of Suarez cheating. Unbelievable.


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    • More embarrassed by the performance if I'm honest Robert. If Mansfield had won or drawn the game I'd have nothing to complain about.

      Some positives mind. Sturridge's goal and the fact the Rodgers did change things when Mansfield piled on the pressure at the beginning of the second half. Many would (including your current manager) would have sat on it for a while longer I suspect.

      Credit to Mansfield they more than highlighted the many weaknesses in our squad.

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      • Sturridge should have had at least 2, if more composed, Shelvey wasteful as well. So while it wasn't, it should have been 3/4-0 and out of sight.. It's not a game of what if, so credit to Mansfield, we clearly were uncomfortable with direct football again, and I'm confident if Reina had been playing it would have been 2-2 or a loss, but it's over and done with..


        "I'd like to give the benefit of the doubt and say it was a reaction, he's a goalscorer and I think goalscorers put the ball in the net anyway."

        "No I don't. For me to come out and say something like that I think would be quite cheap. If it had gone in the other end and one of our players had done it I think we'd have accepted it,"

        For the record, it was blatant and I don't condone it. Cox handled and spoke far classier than I would have, but is he saying anything further from the truth when saying if it were his side?

        Since you follow LFC more than some people here, this should be easy.. Could you cite the last specific example of a Liverpool win as the result of Suarez cheating Bob?

        - Sunderland 3-0, 2 goals..?
        - QPR 3-0, 2 goals.. ?
        - Fulham 4-0, 1 goal.. ?
        - WHU dnp 3-2 .. ?
        - Udinese did not score, 1-0..?
        - Southampton did not score, 1-0.. ?

      • Noo Noo...have to agree with u 100% ...Mansfield merited at least a draw ...Actually I thought our performance was shocking and yet again for me highlites the factthat BR just doesnt realize we havent the personnel to play Barca style tici taca and its nonesense to think we have. Mansfields direct approach in the first 10/15 mins of the 2nd half was almost our undoing and it was such a contrast to our own style of backwards sideways back sideways there direct ball always moving...FORWARD ! I mean The Bluenoses scored 5 at Cheltenham...therejust isnt any excuse and BR should fess up to that...for me I have no further confidence in his tactics frankly I dont even find his version of tici taca that attractive or entertaining being used to a weekly diet of Barca playing it it just looks to me 3rd rate.
        Im not calling for BRs head and believe he should be judged at the end of the season notnow and I will remain in support of the manage but frankly I think the man needs to perhaps look at just whats going wrong and not make the excuse we didnt field a strong starting 11 ...hes starting to look tactically like a one trick pony to me and if thats the case every manager in the Prem has him well sussed.r

    • Pleased with the result given the performance.

      On the last bit, I think ED said everything I was going to ...


    • Yes it was cheating and should've been disallowed.. Very naughty Luis.

      He should've been sent off too if the ref had seen it.

      However that been said good to see Dan score.. and on his debut..

    • I haven't seen the game Robert but I did notice this little snippet on the Yahoo Matchcast ...

      "89' Ba gets in an ahead of Tremmel. Appeals for a penalty, but referee says no. And Ba is going to be booked for a dive."

      Was it a dive (obviously, I don't need to know for sure that it was - I can base my guess on the commentary) and, if so, were you embarrassed?

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      • Hi psredpool,

        I watched the match and can confirm that Ba tried to con the referee but thank goodness the referee didn't fall for it for a change and was rightly carded.

        What Ba did was similar to the penalty that awarded to Rooney against Almunia at OT, Rooney booted the ball into row Z at OT and somehow managed to fool the referee, that was exactly what Ba tried to do. Although it isn't an out-and-out dive but it is still cheating in my book.

    • Of course Chelski players don't cheat do they?

      John Terry cleared a ball that was well over the line against Ukraine in Euros. Funny nobody called him a cheat when he didn't inform ref it was a goal eh?

      Talk about double standards !

    • Robert how is it "cheating" when the ball bounces and hits his hand and he's not able to move his hand away in time? Besisdes the ref didn't blow the whilstle nor did any linesman flag.

      Had they done so then fair enough. It's not up to the player to say "oh hang on ref I think I accidently hit the ball with my hand, old boy oops ".
      No a player must play on until a official decides on any action needs to be had.

      Was it unfortunate LFC won in that manner yes it was. I'm sure Luis himself would prefer to just put the ball in with his head or foot.

    • Actually Robert, yes I am pleased. A potentially tricky away tie on an awful pitch was dealt with.

      As for embarrassed, I recon the officials might be feeling a little red faced today. They saw a ball to hand incident while the world of Monday morning quarterbacks are now telling us it was not only hand to ball, but some devious plot by the man with the fastest hand reactions in the world to yet again cheat. Of course they might also be a bit embarrassed by the yellow card issued to Sturridge for jumping in the air and landing in the wrong spot.

    • Hi Dave

      It certainly is plausible - Robert has already accepted that - it's just that it's Liverpool & Suarez.

      Your second paragraph is the real key to what is going on here. This is Robert. Remember how he was quick to proclaim the guilt of Suarez over the race thing but then refused to do the same for Terry? This is the guy who was arguing that Utd fans should wait for a proper investigation over the Clattenburg thing and yet at the same time was happy to call Gerrard out over the assault charge that he was subsequently cleared over (with an unequivocal summing up by the magistrate). This is a guy who claims to be consistent but, where Liverpool is concerned, is anything but.

      In short, he's becoming a bit predictable.

    • "Sorry - I do not understand your point. It seems you are attributing something to me I haven't said."

      Let me try again. My point is that cheating is cheating. Whether you are caught or not. Whether you are playing opponents that you deem worthy or not. Whether it is spotted and penalised or not. Whether you subsequently win or lose. That's what I mean when I say that it's down to your personal morals.

      As for "It hasn't happened that I recollect" - I think you must have a poor memory. But don't worry, I am sure in the next couple of Chelsea matches you will see one of your defenders holding an attacker at a corner, or appealing for a throw-in that they know isn't theirs, or commit a foul and try to tell the ref that they got the ball. Cheating is cheating.

      Singling out Liverpool & Suarez. Just a couple of examples, I can't remember you starting a similar thread on the Utd board after Wellback took a dive last year to "win" a penalty against Liverpool? I can't remember you starting a similar thread on the Spurs board after Bale took a dive at Anfield last year?

      "There's a power imbalance." And yet you don't feel that same sense of being offended when a billionaire backed club such as Chelsea play Southampton, Spurs or Arsenal?

      "Getting caught and penalised is better than not being caught and it giving a team a decisive advantage. Wouldn't you agree?" Not from the point of view of the person or team doing the cheating. Cheating is cheating.

      "I think your defensiveness reeks of a knee-jerk pro-Liverpool/Suarez reaction.". My first post on this thread was to agree with an independant blog which was simply arguing that Suarez is being judged by a different standard to anyone else. Liverpool players cheat. I have no problem admitting that. The issue is that people such as you increasingly seem to pretend that it is only Suarez who does it. As I've pointed out many times it is endemic and football should be focusing on how to solve the wider problem rather than pretend it is just one individual who does it. How is that defensive?

      "No, but you did seemingly comment to Eric that if he thought Suarez's reactions were good enough to have deliberately handballed it, then saying it was cheating was fair. And yet, ... but, as you may now be realising, that's not the point."

      How are the two mutually exclusive? As I made clear in my reply to Eric the point isn't whether Suarez cheated or not, it's why his behaviour is being singled out. It's the same point that the ED article made - from your replies I assume you still haven't properly read it?

      "So is your point simply to complain at me expressing a point of view that you call "fair" written by someone else?"

      No - my point is why are you (and some of the media) singling out this incident and this player. Again if you read the ED article or even the posts on the Utd board on the subject the penny might drop.

    • For the 3rd, and what I hope to be the final time..

      The side judge had seen it, and declared it non-deliberate, allowing it to stand, rather than flagging it and pulling it back. Mariner, the match referee, who to my knowledge did not have a clear view, but has access to speak to the side judge, also declared it non-deliberate and allowed it to stand as well..

      If they'd deemed it otherwise, he would have been booked (yellow), not red as you suggested Sofa, (and sent off w/ 3 match ban), but there was no booking, and the goal stands. So they made the incorrect call. The officials are guilty, and the sport is guilty for not having technology that could have prevented or altered this outcome..

      Whether or not it was deliberate, only Suarez truly knows, but since is it is Suarez it is an absolute non question, just a fact. But also, 99% of the players out there, if able to have done that deliberately in the time/refelex window of 1 second, would have done the same, only they don't kiss their wrist, which is something that adds to it when those who aren't aware that's his trademark..

      - Apparently you didn't watch the match
      - You called for Suarez to be sent off, subsequently getting 3 games
      - You didn't realize Suarez' trademark is kissing his wrist..

      I don't understand you commenting, condemning or coming to such conclusions, incorrectly without knowing such basics about your player and team.. I don't understand why I'm even asking either...

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