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  • Hobitez Hobitez Jan 8, 2013 12:54 Flag

    Nuri Sahin

    I assume the thinking was he would fill Lucas' boots till he was fit but for some reason it never really happened. Might as well send him off now and pop round Xabi's house to say hello whilst we are there!

    He looks a bit soft to me, technically sound but a bit unnescesary. Maybe we can borrow a left back from someone!

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    • I think Sahin could have succeeded perfectly at Arsenal, considering they are one walking team of weaklings and injuries, but honestly, I think he really could have had a better shot if he had been with us from the beginning of the summer..

      The whole camp in the states with the heat, much like anywhere else that any top club travels to, was absolutely brutal, but vital, and I think many of our players have been beneficiary of it considering our realtively good overall health, and quite superb fitness levels..

      He basically joined, slotted right in, had an immediate impact in 2 games, WBA cup match 2 goals, and a goal at Norwich, but then when more physical games and tighter fixtures arrived, he wasn't up to it.

      It's sad because Madrid was the wrong move for him as well only because of their depth, and La Liga suits him, but as a football fan in general, and a bit of a Dortmund fan (Lewandowski), I'll be happy to see him go back and do well.

      At least we tried... God knows how long half the board here would have been up in arms if we'd let him get away, whereas now, we lost money on wages

      Side note on the comment of a left back.. while he's never coming back, I've tried to follow him a bit, and Insua is doing superb at Sporting Lisbon.. He's always going to be one of those "why did we let him go" players for me.. I don't think you ever give up on a young fullback who can bomb forward like he did with such energy, and just lacked experience and composure in tracking back only aged 20..

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      • Had Sahin been given a fair run out and a afir run in the team.. He could've been a main player..

      • On your side note item for a left back I do sort of agree with you that we may have been hasty in letting Insua go, and for me we are light in the full back position. But if I could have one player back it would be Arbeloa. I know it’s very unlikely as he's now 29, and I have no idea what his situation is at Madrid, but someone who can competently play both Right back, Left back and center back would be a blessing right now.

        In some ways we are bit spoiled with Johnson and Jose, but I do feel we really fall away in quality after those starters. I'm not running Wisdom down especially on the day he just signed his new contract. But we're securing his potential rather than his current form imo. Defensively I think he's done well, although a few times I've seen him out of position which has made me nervous, although one and one he's stood up well, but he does not bring much going forward the way Glen and Jose do.