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    Nuri Sahin

    Has anyone got any news on the where abouts of Nuri Sahin? Seems a bit odd that he wasn't in the squad for Mansfield since he hasn't featured in the prem for a while.

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    • I think it's a waste to loan a player who barely gets a loom in especially whe he was so promising. He scored a fair few goals in such a short time..

      That alone tells me he should've made more starts.

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      • We're not loaning out anyone.. We've terminated the contract of a player we brought in on loan, sent him back to Madrid, who have no use, and loaned him back to his boyhood club Dortmund.. We've eliminated high wages of a player that didn't fit the team or EPL

        And he wasn't starting matches because he couldn't beat out our backups in Shelvey, Henderson, and Allen, let alone Lucas or Gerrard, so that is the reason he wasn't playing.. Why keep him and 6 midfielders ?

        3 goals came MONTHS ago, since then he's done nothing but suffer a broken nose and struggle to get into the squad..

        I don't know why I do this..

    • With tales of friction between Nuri and Gerrard, his short Anfield stay was onto a loser from the start, sad it didn't work out for him. Maybe he should've trusted his instinct and go to the mighty Gooners instead rather than being pressured into a move Mourinho wants. ;-)

    • Welp, Sahin back to Madrid, back to Dortmund... So long Nuri..
      With Dortmund being a club I support, I wish him well and sucks it didn't work out for him..

      So let the Xabi and Sneijder rumors hot up eh ?!?

      Big save on wages, so maybe Ince gets done and something else we're not expecting?

    • Joke isn't even the word... I guess one thing they could do, which is only a consolation of sorts, is something we do in America for our All Pro teams is, name a 1st 2nd and 3rd team.. Of course 1st is the ultimate prize, but seeing as how it's only Barcelona with some Madrid, being 2nd and 3rd team would be a nice honor of sorts, and be enjoyable for a player to attend and get on stage..

      I think, voting rules or constrictions aside, there is a MASSIVE bias towards those 2 teams, and just as much for La Liga in general.. I agree on Hart actually, he and Neuer were neck and neck..

      But back to the bias thing, (going into my extreme bias, BUT some valid logic here) and I know you personally are a Falcao lover, as are many in the world, which sort of makes me happy since the other guy still actually roams as "sort of" an unknown or lesser known, but if you put Cavani on Madrid between Ronaldo and Di Maria, or on Barcelona between Messi and Pedro, do you know the destruction the nets would take?
      Let alone just putting him on Atletico where Falcao is, and he'd have Spain up in arms.. Anyways, I hope he stays in Italy, but the chairman said he'll prob go in the summer.. A day leading up to the awards, one of the pundits on our Fox Soccer said "I don't understand why a Cavani etc etc can't get into this team" and one of the others looked at him bewildered, as if "who's that"?

      Back to the team, I think alot of the voting this year took weight of the Euros because Iniesta, while a magnificent player, and invaluable, does not represent as an mvp to his team, or stats, and ironically, David Silva was arguably their best player at Euros..

      Perhaps they should find a way to balance it with league (based on a power system) requirement.. Spain, England, Germany, Italy.. That would really put voters to the test..

    • Dave...see a modification in "the sytem" of BR WHERE AS U SAY OUR WIDE PLAYERS attackers WOULD NOT GET INTO THE BOX QUITE SO OFTEN NOT THAT iM SEEING THEM DO TOO MUCH OF THAT RIGHT NOW ANYWAY...BUT WOULD HIT THE lINE MORE OFTEN AND CUT BACK CROSSES FOR WHOEVER IS THEN VENTURING FW IT KEEPS THE OPPOSITION DEFENSE HONEST NOT KNOWING HOW DEEP THAT CUT BACK FROM THE LINE MAY BE...i FEEL BR is just becoming far too much of a one trick pony and we just arent tight enough wher our back line is concerned ...les hope for a big result in our favour at Old Toilet come Sunday !!!!

    • It was a joke, isnt it just votes from players and coaches anyway? I saw Steven Gerrard voted Alonso as no.3 in what is appearing more and more, a public 'old flame rekindling' between the pair that is just fueling the Xabi return rumours (I do actually think that is happening this summer!).

      Joe Hart was terrific for City last season, Cech instrumental in the CL win. I think you have to be involved in trophy wins to get in the side unless you do something unbelievable to get considered, I think that explains the absence of RVP though that front 3 is unreal. I guess we can be a bit biased for watching the premier league more exclusively but if Madrid and Barca make up the whole team, how come neither made the final of the CL?

      I think this is mine for last season, not that it matters!

      Ramos - Kompany - Pepe - Cole
      Iniesta - Toure - Pirlo
      Messi - Falcao - Ronaldo

      Is so difficult to just put down 11 and not add a star studded bench!

    • I assume the thinking was he would fill Lucas' boots till he was fit but for some reason it never really happened. Might as well send him off now and pop round Xabi's house to say hello whilst we are there!

      He looks a bit soft to me, technically sound but a bit unnescesary. Maybe we can borrow a left back from someone!

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      • I think Sahin could have succeeded perfectly at Arsenal, considering they are one walking team of weaklings and injuries, but honestly, I think he really could have had a better shot if he had been with us from the beginning of the summer..

        The whole camp in the states with the heat, much like anywhere else that any top club travels to, was absolutely brutal, but vital, and I think many of our players have been beneficiary of it considering our realtively good overall health, and quite superb fitness levels..

        He basically joined, slotted right in, had an immediate impact in 2 games, WBA cup match 2 goals, and a goal at Norwich, but then when more physical games and tighter fixtures arrived, he wasn't up to it.

        It's sad because Madrid was the wrong move for him as well only because of their depth, and La Liga suits him, but as a football fan in general, and a bit of a Dortmund fan (Lewandowski), I'll be happy to see him go back and do well.

        At least we tried... God knows how long half the board here would have been up in arms if we'd let him get away, whereas now, we lost money on wages

        Side note on the comment of a left back.. while he's never coming back, I've tried to follow him a bit, and Insua is doing superb at Sporting Lisbon.. He's always going to be one of those "why did we let him go" players for me.. I don't think you ever give up on a young fullback who can bomb forward like he did with such energy, and just lacked experience and composure in tracking back only aged 20..

    • Maybe we should think about the signings that have workedout well
      I mean poor old Kenny tok the brunt of the blame for all themoney "wasted" on Andy C and others like henderson but look he paid 22 mill for Suarez and I d hazard a guess he was Kennys pick and the others were Commolis afterall that WAS Commolis "job" How much would Suarez be worth to such as Chelski or REALMadrid now 75 mill? I also always felt Charlie Adam was Kennys pick too and believe Kenny would have ultimately got the best out of him whereas BR didnt fancy him but we didnt lose money on him.

    • Yes I do cringe sometimes on who we do bring in.We exclaim "how much !!".. when our rivals get a cheaper player who outperforms our more expensive player who we just aquired..

      We've been extremely wasteful over the yrs on transfers. I shudder to think on the amount of money we spent.. When we could've had far better value.

    • In his defensive he hasn't been given a run og games to get into the swing of, couple that with him not playing at Real last season and he must be well out of practice. Whilst he seems to be behind Hendo and Shelvey in the midfield back up department he is still a useful guy to have around for the rest of the season incase we are unlucky with injuries.

      I can understand why Rodgers has favoured giving playing time to others and we should reap the long term benefits from this.

      I was one who contributed to the fan fare when he arrived, in hindsight it seems Diarra, who Kenny had lined up on a free, would have been the much better option. Doesn't our transfer activity make you cringe sometimes!

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