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  • Miguel Miguel Jan 13, 2013 15:34 Flag

    Webb - Manshitter UTD game

    Lets be fair he had a good game today. Whats happened??

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    • Webb managed the game almost impeccably, I thought. The only clearly wrong decision I saw was you should have had a corner off Vidic's head in the second half. Apart from that, if you want to look for bias, the two significant decisions which could have gone the other way both went for you - Wisdom pushing Kagawa in the box just before half time and letting Glen Johnson off a second booking near the end.


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      • I agree overall I thought the ref had a good game.

        Anyone know if the Vidic goal was offside? I haven't seen a replay to be clear in my mind.

      • Robert,

        Friday (I can't recall who), someone asked if you would be watching Sunday and supporting United, suggesting you were a fan. You're response was, no, you're not a United fan, you would not be watching, and hoped both teams could lose.

        Obviously the latter was as sarcastic as it gets, but you did say you wouldn't be watching, and seems you did with some level of interest. Just curious what changed your mind after being pretty emphatic about it..?

        While, it doesn't really matter why end of the day, like I said you obviously did with attention to detail, and Webb was in fact nearly impeccable, with 0 issues out of hand, only a few yellows and 2 minor shouts for red, but nothing in them. No ref could have done a better job, let alone him and his history in this fixture, so you're spot on there despite not watching.