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  • Jason Jason Jan 14, 2013 17:28 Flag

    Webb - Manshitter UTD game

    Yes, I do believe it was Colin who suggested that, and you being a United fan..

    Obviously you know I was paraphrasing, and I do ok with my grammar and quotations, so in this instance, let's not be so literal considering you were able to remember it perfectly, and know exactly what I was referencing to..

    If you didn't say you would not be watching, then I'm wrong, but I thought you had said you would not, so was just curious what would have changed your mind.. Obviously for any EPL fan, Europe/world fan, or just a neutral, LFC v MUtd is a big draw, so it's to be expected that most would watch if able to..

    I wish you well in your quest for both teams to lose, because I too share that sentiment for United vs Fail Madrid in the UCL tie, and also have hopes of Chelsea and Madrid going broke in 2-3 years time with FFP sanctions.