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    Webb - Manshitter UTD game

    Well seems Webb is gonna be reffing this one..

    Thats a guarunteed 3 points to the scum..

    The FA should just allow Webb to wear a Manshitter Utd kit.. Don't they know by now he's a diehard Manshitter Utd fan?

    Refs are supposed to be imparttial.

    Well not when Webb is referring a LFC v Manshitter Utd game he isn't..

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    • To me it was quite clear I was saying I wouldn't be going to Old Trafford to support my team. Whether I might watch the match on TV is a rather different question. I don't think you can infer an answer to the second from my answer to the first.

      Did you know Chelsea have just reported profits in their annual accounts?


    • Yes, I do believe it was Colin who suggested that, and you being a United fan..

      Obviously you know I was paraphrasing, and I do ok with my grammar and quotations, so in this instance, let's not be so literal considering you were able to remember it perfectly, and know exactly what I was referencing to..

      If you didn't say you would not be watching, then I'm wrong, but I thought you had said you would not, so was just curious what would have changed your mind.. Obviously for any EPL fan, Europe/world fan, or just a neutral, LFC v MUtd is a big draw, so it's to be expected that most would watch if able to..

      I wish you well in your quest for both teams to lose, because I too share that sentiment for United vs Fail Madrid in the UCL tie, and also have hopes of Chelsea and Madrid going broke in 2-3 years time with FFP sanctions.

    • Ron the reason why Dan didn't start is because Brendan said in a pre- interview that Dan isn't fully fit. When he is though he'll do very well with Luis.

      There's rumours going around that Luis is getting fed up with all the attacks made against him.. As a result he may quit LFC..

    • Their winner against us was marginally offside too.


    • Because it seems to me the men in position to include video evidence are old fashioned in their views..

      Time to remove them and have people who're more foward thinking.. or football is gonna look like an old fashioned sport.

    • Yep Robert.. a game which could well determine the outcome of the title..

      So about time some kind of video evidence was used.. I wonder how many other games, that have been given wrong decisions and as a result a team lost.

      Football is so behind the times it's unreal..

      The human eye isn't quick enough to spot things these days. As football as got much quicker.

    • Oh and ps.

      Without wishing to re-open old wounds, I thought a passage of play from yesterday was a perfect example of my "everybody cheats" theory.

      Downing dives for a free-kick and then watches as Evra gets booked for not kicking him. The free kick is headed out of play by Vidic who immediately asks the ref for a goal kick.

      Technology is the only way forward.

    • As you say, very difficult for the officials to spot (none of the Liverpool defenders noticed either!). And yes, another example where simple technology would have given the officials a better chance (as in the Suarez handball).

      The right team won on the day and Utd had decent claims for a pen & GJ to be sent off so not a gripe against this particular result, but ...

      100% agree. Why do the footballing authorities not see that technology would help take pressure off the officials?

    • Ah, I see. Yes, it does look like that. Despite what I wrote I was actually looking to see if Vidic was ahead of Evra or not, which I can't determine. But as Evra isn't a defender the question is whether he is ahead of the ball. He does appear to be in this shot.

      So it looks like offside, yes. Almost impossible for the officials to spot, given that for the linesman Vidic was behind Evra. Yet another game result affected by the absence of review technology.


    • Hey Roberto...no point in shitti@g arround with this. Its clear from TV images that when the ball is put in, Evra is level but Vidic is slightly ahead of him. Evra heads directly goalwards, Vidic is ahead of Evra and gets the last slight deflecting touch ensuring the ball beats Pepe. The goal was thus marginally offside 'cos by simple geometry Vidic must be ahead of Evra and the ball.....simples? Anyway its happened and no megga failings by the Ref. We looked OK in the second half but didnt turn up for the first 45 so I got little to complain about with such a marginal decision. I do question the decision to start without Dan Sturridge 'cos Luis needed some support..but then I guess hindsight is a very precise science, init?

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