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  • Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes Jan 8, 2013 00:36 Flag

    glass houses

    well the 2nd half of the season should be enlightening,now everyone has this new found sense of angelic fair play.
    No more stoke defenders going for two falls and a submission.no more swan dives from various players ( we all have one)will the manufacturers of red and yellow cards have to lay off their workforce? We can abandon goal line technology 'cos obviously goalies like Roy Carroll and Bogdan will point out when the ball is over their line.In fact will we need match officials? surely you expect your star forward to admit he's offside.How long before Ferdinand tweets that the ref got it wrong and should have booked him?
    And who knew so many people had alliegence to Ghana?they must have replaced England as everyones favorite international team!( you thought they'd have been hounding the dick who missed the penalty)
    Ridiculous,yes, but no more than the lorryloads of shit dumped on Suarez these last two days. Grow up for fucks sake.What are you told the first time you turn out in a game? play to the whistle.
    And finally, will someone please explain to the empty headed lfc hating fuckwit that is john "oh sir alex take me up the arse "champion the difference between a commentator and an opinionator

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