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  • Jason Jason Jan 13, 2013 19:16 Flag

    The next addition..?

    I asked my neighbor to translate some Italian papers, and websites etc., plus to see if there's anything he trusts in regards to Sneijder, and he said "no".. Furthermore, and I think you'll see it if you have not already, Sky has just said absolutely no interest from LFC.. I take it all with a pinch, but just don't see it..

    Tom Ince, as again, I'm sure you'll see, or have done, is at a complete impass with Blackpool asking 8M and refusing to budge AND asking for a sell on clause of their own, or something else to trick the deal..

    Lastly, I haven't seen yet, but spoke to some I talk to over on your side, and apparently Ian Ayre (our Chief in Getting Nothing Done) has said he is trying to step it up further this window (what that means to him vs us, I'll never know) and if not, will make for a BIG (again Ayre talk) pushes / moves in the summer..

    I think seeing the latter part of today with Sturridge, Suarez and Borini on, we saw some very exciting things, so if we could add just 1 more, and scrape by, while climbing up to top 6 maybe 5th, then we could be in for a nice summer.

    I hate waiting, and even making myself feel like I'm settling, but it's the reality, and seeing as how Downing was back to Downing, he and 1-2 more need to go, so we can free up dead wages.. That's the bottom line.. wages